Wednesday, 27 February 2008

all right

everything is cool, with no capitals,
just a small town in the middle of washington..
flood, and everything left as thoe never was here,
nor there..
and in front of your eyes it simply wanished..
you started to wander if there is use to
wonder around in washington at a night time.
No answer and you suddenly don't care about
the result of ur life.
You stop as well as everything around you
except for your heartwoun
it beats

and it will never stop doing so
i woun't let it!

no more si
lly smiles on unlady mona
you painted over her face
nothing was left

after looking up you turn to ur left
the nly thing you have ever realized is that you are
NOT ment to be here

not here with me, but here on the f****** planet
with all the other inhuman beings

we all are mortals

even mona is dead

February 2008

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