Wednesday, 27 January 2010

this is where if i was a kid i would go to my mommy and cry my eyes out

No one has ever been against the fact that exams are not an easy thing and not everyone has the privilege to always do good on them (even though this depends on so many (too many) external factors). (Fine, yeah, there are people who disagree, but you get my point.) Days and nights are messed up again and i know for sure that i am still tired and that i do need more sleep before my next exam, (but forget about that).

World issues was a pain in the big intestine and the retina of my right eye. No jokes. (Fine, the intestine part is not true.) I was scheduled to write the exam in room 211 (just like one half of our class). In the same classroom the other half class was a grade eleven Biology (ohh sweet irony). It was the same class where i wrote my English exam last week on Friday and our class was in almost the same rows, and i ended up sitting it the same place as Friday, sweet, don't You think? The teacher who was supervising was not good at what she was doing, but who am i to judge(?) (examples would be that she did not tell the kiddos that they can't have their pencil cases on the table). I was in my exam mood and had just begun the first part of the exam and then out of nowhere (actually not out of nowhere, but from the hall) came a grade eleven guy (no surprise! (no sexism intended)) and said out loud "oh, i guess i'm late" causing a small wave of laughter in the Bio rows (HA HA HA, VERY FUNNY, NO GO AND SIT DOWN!). Well that wasn't enough. An other girl this time, but she was blond (i did not notice the hair colour on purpose, it just stared at me, and no discrimination intended, i'm blond too!), came in the class late. She distracted the exam mood by her funny laugh (yeah, funny.... guess who thought that.. yup, the Bio kids, and one guy specifically, dude, get a room!) that she probably caught from her friend who was even more late for her own exam. So i was extracted. Twice. (DO YOU NEED A SEA OF APPLAUSE BEFORE YOU FIND YOUR SEAT?) After the girl finally sat down i was able to get back to paying attention to my matters.

The exam consisted of four parts. The first was 30 multiple choice questions that were pretty tricky and i needed more time for them then i had thought. The second part was short answer. We had a choice. They gave us a list of 19 terms and we had to pick 10. The short answer had to include what the thing is and how it is important, and mention an example. The third part was (You guessed it) long answer. Again we had a choice (oh, sir, you are fabulous). There where ten quotes accompanied by a question or two (or three). We had to answer four of the ten. Last, BUT not least essay question. Where there is a long question and we had to answer in an essay format (You know, the good old, introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion).

I was back in my writing mood and still on the first half of the multiple choice questions and i felt it coming. There i was in the first half an hour of the exam with a migraine. I wished, i begged it to go away, but it became worse and worse. I asked to go to the washroom (that happens as following, the supervisor teacher calls another teacher that will walk with you to the washroom and back, good they don't actually come in and hold my willy (TAKE A PAUSE FOR THE LAUGH ;D )). The teacher watched me wash my hands and rinse my face. Then we went back to the class (oh how i wish i could have ran away). For a second it really did feel better, i tried to keep my cool hand to my forehead where the pain killed the most. But then it got even worse. It felt like most of the time i had kept my teeth so tight together that they started to hurt. I kept saying myself that i have to finish the exam and then i can go, finish and go, finish and go, finish and go. Soon it had replaced every single thought in my head, even the unconscious thoughts that control the breathing and the common sense. So now i had to remind myself to inhale and exhale. Finish and go, inhale, finish and go, exhale, finish and go, inhale, finish and go exhale. The patterns was extracted by the curiosity of the time. I still had more then one and a half hours till the end. Finish and Go! I started the essay after sitting in my chair and going nothing but holding my head. Thoughts just wouldn't come to my mind even if i pleased them with the idea that this would not continue long. I begun writing it and had to pay attention to every letter, every line i drew. I couldn't. The last pages in my exam where a mess. If one was to find all pages separate, no one could tell that the first page was written by the same person as the last page. I wrote something. No paragraph in my essay contained more then five sentences. But it was done, in this exam i could not have left it blank, it is impossible to not come up with some answer. I did not care about the length (though it did peak in my mind), the structure, the content. All that mattered was that it was done. I put all the papers together handed it in and marked the time when i left, it was two minutes past eleven. I had finished the exam in two hours and seventeen minutes. Just like that another part of the semester had concluded. I went to my locker, got my jacket and boots and left to the bus stop.

It was not too cold outside, but the snow flakes where hitting my brows and melting faster then i could think of them. The wind was blowing in my face. I let it get me colder and colder. I was hoping that the cold could take away the headache, freeze it away. It did, for about one second after that i just felt more pain due to the extreme dose of the cold. The two buses got me home and without thinking i was in my bed. Took me about 40 minutes to fall asleep. Once i woke up the headache was not gone, but i did feel better.

..and the exam just felt like a dream.

Now i was thinking to apply to another university. But i shall see, let's not forget that i still have Biology exam at 8:45 and i have to be in school at least 30 minutes before. It is almost five in the morning now.

I know, i am not a smart person. Tell me something i don't know.

P.S. Hope that the sarcasm along the way did not distract You, but rather enriched the time You spent here.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

empty shell, silent bell

Just like that.
"I screamed in your ear" and the time stopped. I have changed around my TTT blog added pages and stuff. Think it looks better now. Would be awesome if You could check it out.

I was going to make a contest, where i would give away a pair of those red olympic game glowes, but i run out of money (so i couldn't buy them) and time (so had no time to set something like that up) so i am guessing that that will remain as an idea.

"I just wish it was different..."

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Passion of Skating with the Love of Fun

Shuuuu-upa. So.
English Exam was OK. I suppose. Well i think (at least i suppose that is what people call thinking) that it was not too hard. Our teacher really helped us to get ready and we went through examples from previous years and all that jazz. She told us what to expect and what the questions are going to be. Not exact. but as much as she was allowed to tell us. The exam is in two parts, a sight passage and an essay. Since it is a Board wide exam every grade 12 student in Ottawa-Carleton District School Board who had English in the first semester was writing this exam at the very same time as me and my class mates. The exam begun at 8:45 in the morning on Friday and we had two and a half hours to finish it (it was suggested that you spend 60 minutes on the sight passage and 90 on writing, planning and reading over your essay). In the first part there was a short written text that had to be read and then there where 5 questions. The first question on these exams is always to restate the writers thesis. Our teacher told us that they are looking for two ideas. The first is more broad and the second is more specific. The second question had a choice. There were four methods of development and you had to pick two, state the definition, find an example in the text and then state how that is the correct example. In this one i did good since in the last couple days of school our teacher gave a list of literary terms and told us which ones are more likely to be on the exam. In the third question we had to choose one of three given stylistic devices, and then the same as previous - definition, example, and why it is a good example. This i did well too. The next question had two parts to it. The first was to find one or two specific words that state the diction in a specific paragraph or sentence and the second part was to state the tone and, of course everything had to be proven. The last question was a personal response question. There was a choice of two sentences from the text and we had to choose one of them, say what the authors point of view is (in own words) and then say if we agree or disagree, and say why our opinion is as it is with examples and personal experience. I was done with this within an hour (just as was recommended). Then there was the second part. They gave us 4 essay prompts and by using one work studies in this year (for me the choice was, Brave New World, The Wars, Waiting for Godot and King Lear). I wrote about Brave New World. Chose the first prompt and it was something about how societal norms cause a character to struggle as reaching for his/her goals. Wrote about Bernard Marx. I wrote it in no time. Then read over it and was done within two hours in total. Then i left the room and felt sorta good.

Today i was planning to be on time to my Spanish class. It starts at 9:00 in the morning and it would take me about half an hour to get there, buts since buses don't come on request to get there before nine i have to leave at 8:15. My alarm (my silent alarm) was set on seven in the morning, since i was planing to take a shower before leaving. I woke up at half past eight. Was 20 minute late and came in to realize that there was a test today. I am 94% sure that i failed this one. I wasn't there last week, so i had no idea we were having a test. In today's class we (surprisingly) did not do too much. First the test, it took more time then the teacher though. Then he gave us a short lesson (do not remember on what it was). Then we listened to two songs and translated the lyrics. And the last thing we did was listened to two chapters of the book we are reading.. Then the bell rung. I got home, changed, ate (it took me two minutes to heat the lunch and two to eat it). Got my stuff together, went downstairs to the basement to get my skates and was on the go to the canal.

Tashpuks organized this because he was planning that the girl he likes will be there. At last minute she had called that she can't come. They met up at one in the after noon and went to the canal together. I was still on my way home at that time so i went and was planning to catch them. After skating for about half an hour i sent a msg to Tashpuks asking how far are they. He did not know (what a surprise -.-). After taking to him and another fella i analyzed the situation and figured that i am way past them. S now i was going back and searching for white coat and a face that i would recognize. There they were. Only four of them. It was two of the three "Russians" (yeah, Plaknis was there too), Tashpuks and the best friend of the girl Tashpuks really likes. Finally found them i was pleased. Skating alone might be fun, but i was not in the lonely mood (i know, not common :D). So now it was taking, laughing and, most importantly, skating with the Love of Fun in our eyes. We skated for quite a while. We got to the big lake thing and then went back. On my way i fell three times. The first was nice, like a dive on the ice. The third time i was not really moving fast and i just fell on my knees. The third time was a pain. Yup, a pain. It was in the last stretch, I was tired, but going pretty fast and then my skate met a big, nasty crack on the ice. I fell on my knees and slid for a little on the ice. This was not like the first one, since i was going much faster. There i was. Flat. At first i didn't really feel any pain. But as i begun to skate my knee was yelling a silent scream and begging me to stop and move no more. I didn't listen. We were almost done. Once we got to the end i dropped dead in the snow. Got off my skates and put my boots back on. Felt odd at first because this was the first time this winter i got on the ice. I was happy it was done. My red cheeks were freezing, but my hands were not, even though i had given my gloves to the other girl, she was freezing all this time. I was not. It was just my face that felt the need to get a hot chocolate. We went up to Rideau center. This is where Plaknis said he had to go. He shook hands with the guys and then.. HE GAVE ME A HUG.
HE GAVE ME A GOODBYE HUG! I felt like making a WTF face, but i didn't. What was he thinking? He had never hugged before, not even on my birthday.
He left and then the four of us went to the food court. Tashpuks and i were drinking hot chocolate and the other two were eating. I was not hungry, my body was still fighting with the two minute meal that it got earlier, before leaving the house. After a while we spent in the food court (i was watching the street outside getting darker and darker and the number of people that depended on how many buses had passes by) they decided to go and play pool. I was tired, exhausted, begging for home, and with a hurting knee so i said goodbye and went home. The bus ride was messed up because there was a black guy (no intention to be racist) sitting next to me who was reading his news paper all over the place. At one point my ribs got bugged by his elbow and at other points the news paper was in my face. I was happy that i lived down town (i mean, very close to it). I got of the bus and tackled the death ice eight in front of the door. I got in and was greeted by a MIaW by Giotto and a dinner that my mom had prepared earlier that day. It was delicious. I watched the cartoon movie about the chicken Running away (forgot the name of it) and now i am here.

I am very hard working on the new years resolutions. I plan to put them back in the side bar. I am trying to eat less carbs. I am trying to learn new things. Actually i have learned two already, now i know what i.e. and e.g. stand for. Do You know? ;D

Fine my love birds. I have two exams next week and a lot of Spanish homework for next Saturday. I plan to do NOTHING tomorrow. Well, maybe i will clean up my room, time will tell. But now i am craving for my soft pillow and comfy night shirt.

Monday, 18 January 2010

THREE days, People

Exams start this Friday. I hate repeating myself, but really, I CAN'T WAIT!

Today I wanted to talk about the people who you sometimes say "HI" to when You pass them in the hall. Though most of the time you wish you hadn't seen the person. In some cases you actually ignore them and pretend to not have seen them. Ever been in my shoes? Well, I have.
It gets even worse when i get on a bus and one of these people happen to be on that bus. In that case there are several things that can be done. First, ignore them, if they come by and say hi, then say "oh, where you on this bus all this time?". Second, say a vague HI of just smile at the person, what ever You do do not sit beside him/her. Third, go and talk to the person, these conversations usually turn out a waste of own thinking time. They screw you, literally. So most of the time i choose the second option. It does not make You bitchy and you also don't have to make a canadian out of your self by asking things like "How are you?" or "I like your jacket, where did you get it?" Grrr.. I just hate those conversations.

Yeah... thats about it for now.. I think.
Except. Not that You care, but i had some fun times at (don't ask me why i even went there, cuz i don't know myself)

As well as, the thought of yesterday: "Krievs iespļauj mīļā bērna sejā."

~Your Personal Bug! ;D

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cīsiņi gone crazy

First Things First,
Nosaukums tāds, jo tikai tagad ēdu brokastis (ir 12:30). Un šodien brokastis mani godā ar cīsiņiem. SEŠIEM cīsiņiem! Jup.

Domāju šo rakstu saukt What do you want me to do, bet es pārdomāju, jo cīsiņi tomēr ir pozitīvāka lieta. SMILE! Nu jā, cenšos, tiešām cenšos būt nedaudz, nedaudz pozitīvāka. Reti sanāk.
Tāda ideja bija, jo vakar ieraudzīju, ka vienam no maniem sviestiem TTT blogā kāds bija ielicis komentāru (kliko, ja gribi). Rindiņu nosaukums ir Paslēpt un tās ir par to, ka ne viss, kas tiek veiksmīgi paslēpts tiek saārstēts. Un tā ir! Cilvēki bieži (es arī) slēpj kā jūtās un līdz ar to cilvēkiem šķiet, ka viss ok, lai gan patiesībā nav. Nu re, es saņēmu komentāru: "Vai Tu esi domājusi, kas vai kurš var palīdzēt saārstēt tos salauzumus?" I wounder.. Atbildēju ar ko sviestainu, jo nebija jau teikts, ka es esmu tā kurai būtu jādomā kas var palīdzēt. Tieku galā just fine. Tāpēc taču rakstu! ;)

OOO forši. Tikko nomainīju sava bloga favicon, tāds prieks, ka atradu kā tas izdarāms.
(Tā ir tā mazā spārīte, kas parādēs blakus bloga nosaukumam.)
Arī TTT tika pagodināts ar jaunu faviconu.
Tiem, kas ar grib savu blogu padarīt kolosālu, foršu, vienreizēju. Fīču atradu te!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

all in one moment

This week is an absolute nightmare. Had summative presentations in all three of my classes, where two i had to present out of class time due to certain problems. I didn't sleep last night. I am not sure why. Well i do know why. Actually it was due to several reasons. First i did my application for university. Call me stupid, call me an idiot, I allow you, since that is what i am doing. I applied to one university. Yeah, just one. And the lucky one is Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. I cchose to apply for psychology (c800). It took me about five days to finish the personal statement that i wrote for them. First i gave it to a few of my friends to read it. Then i made an appointment to ask a professional help from my ex teacher. She striped it right naked. I said that she raped it all the way through with reaching ...hmm.. quite good, i suppose, climax. Yes, i just said that. She gave me some good advice. I rewrote it instead of editing the original one. That is how much it had to be changed. By the time the statement was done i was satisfied with the work done.
Today after school, when i finished my Biology summative, i felt a weird satisfaction. That is because now i can actually see what are the work that i still need to catch up with. Before when ever i thought about school i would go mad, crazy, insane, confused.... I would not be able to find an end to all the things. That caused stress ... and blah, blah, blah..

I haven't slept for approximately the past 36 hours. My head is about to explode (if it hasn't by now) and i still need to do homework for tomorrow. My body is in a state where my memory is just incapable of remembering anything.

Yesterday i also added a few stuff to my blog. The visible one is that i changed the template, again, and added the background. And, i have to admit, it was hard and not easy, took a lot of time to find, but i added page navigation at the bottom of the blog. Yeah, yeah, i know it is not really needed, but, hey, i like it!

I have a lot of stuff to do.. for tomorrow, friday, satudray AND sunday!! So, just in case if i go insane, ill let you know one more time that it is the end of the semester, TOO much to do. Next week is my first exam. Can't wait for February!!!!

PS. I really want to add a cool pic for the title. I was going to make a collection of google Jean Fabrics, but yet again, i am not sure if then it will not be too Jeany! ha ha.. Any other suggestions?

Oh Cheese, i need more structure in my posts!

PS. Don't forget to avoid Coca cola, Pepsi and Nestle.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bad Coca-Cola

Have You seen the movie FLOW?
If You havent , then definitely do so!
Basically it is about how clean water is going to be the "new oil", as in, now people, countries, corporations are fighting for water. The winner can be very easily detected because in this system it works very much like in Darwin's Natural Selection. The one who has more power and resistance to todays rules of life will survive. In this case it is the BIG companies, like Coka-Cola, that are stealing from weaker and developing countries in other parts of the world (or as some say, from the third world countries). What these multi-million corporations do is they seek for places where to get clean water; since the pollution has destroyed oceans they have to dig where there is less pollution and where no one (well, they think so) is using the water. They go to small communities in countries in Africa, take the places where international volunteers or the communities themselves have created acceptable clean, drinking water. This results to increased diseases and child death (which also links to overpopulation). It forces people who have no power in their hands to wait for water after walking incredible distances for hours, days, even weeks (and yet they might leave with no fresh water), if they do get water they have to carry it back home. The most convenient way is to put full baskets on head (this is done by women and children). These conditions in many cases leave no other solution then to drink (!!) water from polluted rivers, where companies (with very low security standards) dispose their chemicals, where animals (sometimes sick) swim and drink, where people bathe.
Is that fair?
As individuals we an choose to drink tap water (if You know that it is clean). If You do buy bottled water, then buy LOCAL (My Dear Friends, ALWAYS Buy Local Stuff, ALWAYS) company bottles, before checking that the water they sell is not gained in a very unfair, illegal way. What ever You do, DO NOT BUY COCA-COLA, NESTLE, PEPSI PRODUCTS. If You do then You will be supporting them as they take away water from innocent people, as they destroy lives, as they steal what is not theirs. At least now, that You know, PLEASE!!!
That is what I have decided to do. I will not use these three company products. My morals have drawn a line, and that is where it is!!! I can't use their products knowing that because of that people in a developing country are suffering!! Water is not just for people who can buy it! Everyone has a right to clean water.
You can't make a change, but a group can, You have the choice now to be part of people who agree that CLEAN WATER IS A RIGHT!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Truth

Actually I wanted to talk about:
  • School & Exams
  • Ottawa Green Bin! (yeeeey)
  • Friends
  • Facebook
  • Universities
  • Life
  • The bus ride to school today
  • How much life sucks
  • How hard life is
  • Sleep
  • Movies
  • Shakespeare
  • and other stuff ...
Ohh well, some other time, when the exams are over, until then You will probably read some crap like in the previous post or no crap at all..

Tik Daudz

Sēžu un mirkšķinu acis kā tikko no ūdens izlīdusi žurka. Kas zin, varbūt esmu arī (te kāds budists varētu iemest, ka iepriekšējā dzīvē arī biju). Pār iemigušo prātu vien skalojās viss tas, kas vēl jāpadara.
Ja man būt spēka, es skaļi, jo skaļi iečukstētu nākamā autobusa šoferim, ka darba laiks beidzies, pilsēta guļ. Šoferis aizdomīgi uz mani noskatītos un pēc tam, kad būtu palūdzis man atstāt braucošo dotos tālāk ceļā, atkārtojumā. Luksofora pievērtās acis sajukumā vairs nerādīs pat pusgaismas, apjuks šoferis, bet turpinās ceļu..
Bet man spēka nav.
Gar tastatūras melnajiem burtiem top mana dzīve. Jau uzrakstīta? Jau kāda cita sacerēta? Viss viens? Viens scenārijs ar vienādu sākumu un galu?
Ekrāns aiz stikla sienas klusē. Klusē. Klusē un neizmoka ne burtu no atbildes, .. jau uzrakstītās.
Noslēgta skaņa, aizslēgtas ausis, aizšūtas lūpu žāvas. Miegā kaut kas nobirst un tas arī viss. Vairāk šodien nepateiks.
Blakus pārrakstītām lapām, citās krāsās, citās formās, citā rokrakstā viens pēc otra autori skrubina domas. Kā nobeigt pasakas tēlu. Kā gaišāk pasacīt. Viss.
Sasiekaloti dzerokļi, dzīvnieki, un visbeidzot, ekrāns. Bet ko tad viņš?
Es jau esmu tā, kas aiz stikla sienas slēpjas!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Šodien vienam no maniem skolas/klases biedriem izdevās salasīt vienu rindiņu, kas rakstīta uz mana penāļa, maziem smalkiem burtiņiem, tieši zem lielā uzraksta ZĀBAKS: I would cry if my tears weren't frozen. Meitene, kas sēdēja viņam blakus sacīja: "Ohh. That's so sad." Principā bija nedaudz stulbi, jo izskatījās, ka esmu kaut kāds emo. Un ar to vien viņam nepietika, viņš tad pateica: "That's because you drink too much." Uz ko es vien noskatījos, tipa tā, Nu jau gan. Un tad piemetu klāt, ka lai nu kurš, bet viņš dzerot vairāk par visiem.
Es šo cilvēku saucu par manu labāko male friend in Can. Bet nu par to varētu strīdēties un kasīties. Tā pat tas neko nemaina.

Bija plāns rakstīt baigo rakstu, bet atcerējos, ka rīt pēdējā diena, lai pasūtītu Grad Photos, bet man vēl ar mammu jārunā, jo tās bildes maitas dārgas.

Bye kids.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

twenty ten already!

Es, kā jau kārtīga, (un slinka) allaž uz saviem papīriem skolā rakstu datumu. Tas liekās saprātīgi un noderīgi. Šī praktiskā lieta parasti nonāk lapas labajā augšējā stūrī, manā šķībajā rokrakstā. Tas izskatās šādi:

Jan 5/10

Tas tāds ne pārāk labs piemērs, jo gan vakar, gan šodien uz visām (!!) lapām man bija rakstīts:

Jan 5/ 09 10

Laikam nav nemaz tik viegli pierast pie jaunā!

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Turpinu ausīties Rosso Relativo. No rīta pamodos raizēs par to kur nozudis mans telefons. Nogāju līdz datoram un atminējos, ka biju aizmigusi kamēr dators kārās un uzlīdu augšā pus guļā. Bija palikušas vaļā visas lapas, kur meklēju kādu ļoti interesantu, mazu, skaistu, elegantu twitter "follow me" piespraudīti blogam. Un re šodien atradu. (Tas foršais pelēkais putniņš kreisajā pusē!) Tad domāju, nē, man nepatīk kā te viss ir un nomainīju Bloga izskatu un izdzēsu arā loti daudz ko. (world news, subscribe, tags, puķe, google search my blog, badge from prankesters, 2010. gada apnemšanas (tās es ieliku vienā rakstā), gan jau vēl kaut ko, bet nu es vairs neatceros..)
Man visu to šturnu te jau sen bij par daudz, bet es tik metu klāt un klāt. Palika (kā jau variet redzēt) laiks, dienas citāts, vēsture, profils, jaunais twitter, apakšā arī noslēpts skaitītajs, un, protams, mani mīļie sekotāji, ka nu bez tiem. Tos vajadzētu pie goda sienas, bet nav man tādas. (Hmm... or maybe hi hi)

Krītu panikā, jo neesmu izpildījusi nevienu mājas darbu skolai. Pirmdiena būs kā nāve! Par to es arī sevi ienīstu. Nopietni. Es vispār jūdzos.

Paldies par uzmanību.

Šodienas dziesma tā pati, kas vakar tikai šoreiz spāņu valodā.
Tiziano Ferro - Rojo Relativo

Friday, 1 January 2010

It's a kiss tape thing

Turns out i took a day off.

A day away from life, from problems, prom trouble, away from watching weight, away from reality (though i do that a lot either way), from common sense .... well a break from everything!
Now most of You who are reading are thinking: "How do you do that?" or "What do you mean?" or "That's not possible."... or something like that.
Well here is what i mean..
Life is about creating obstacles, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller and then taking them down to ensure a certain amount of satisfaction. Or as one of the quotes of the day said "It's all about FACING it." As some of You might know my one love is psychology. I love, simply love looking at life through this lens. But as to everything there is the down side to this one too. I can't stand looking at my own life like that. But i can't help it... Though it KILLS me, i just keep seeing ALL the flaws and it is such a pain. It really is devastating. It is like stabbing your self with a poisoned dagger. And what i see is a pathetic little girl who SETS HER GOALS TOO HIGH. Then she is unable to obtain them and end not only failing, but losing all she had before and ends up with a perfect, so corner ZERO.
So Hello, Im ZERO! Nice to meet you.

Now You all are probably thinking, "what ever, i don't care, but what's up with the 'kiss tape' from the title?" Well now i will tell You.
Do you all know the kisses® camdy? Well that is the key to this post. I was chillin home all day. (ohh, btw i realized that writing a blog is almost like updating YouTube channel but with no video and sound, just the readers interpretation of the post) Anywho, while i was online, i was eating the candies kisses (if you still have no idea what i'm taking about click here for a picture or here for the website (if You have Your speaker on You will hear their lame sound)). And then i bumped in to a kiss candy that had a longer piece of paper (if you are looking at the picture it is the paper sticking out of the top of the wrapped candies, just mine don't read "Hershey's Kisses" but just "KISSES®"). And i was thinking, wow, that is so cool. And the i got the idea of making a even LONGER kisses thing, so from now on, instead of wrapping all wrappers and pieces of papers i left the papers out. So i had a few of them and i taped them all together.
I might even put a picture or two in so You can really get the picture... :D :D
ha ha
Yeah, im cool like that.
I was going to write about all other crap too... but ohh well some other time i guess...
or never! :P
Ohh.. have a marshmalloweee 2010 my sweet lovers.

Check THIS out! VERY COOL!

ohh... here is a pic that i sorta said i would show You:

OHH UN dziesma!!!!!!
TIK sen nedzirdēta, bet allaž mīļa
Tiziano Ferro - Rosso Relativo
Smieklīgi ir tas, ka rikai tagad saprotu līrikas. :D
dzisma principā ir par meiteni un par to kā viņš slīkst viņas krūtīs un tml.
Kad pirmo reizi dziesmu dzirdēju par seksu tā pat neko nesajēdzu un dziesmā man tikai patika piedziedājuma pirmās divas rindiņas un jāatzīt, ka meldiņš ar lipīgs! :)