Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm Loving It

I think I should do something about my good old blog "Song of the Day". I hadn't posted anything for a very long time (since last years October) and so I shut the blog down. It still exists, but it's not available to the public. Today I've been going through the last few songs on that blog and I came across this beauty Sloan - Unkind. There is something in this song that I really enjoy. It could be the rhythm, or the melody, or the simple lyrics, i'm not sure, but I have been listening to it several times now, and i'm not bored of it (yet). About that blog, I was thinking that in stead of posting a new song every day, I could have a Song-of-the-Week kinda deal, sounds reasonable, and keeps the idea going. I shall think about it.

I have been having a nice week, I blame the unusually good weather. Sun in Scotland is a luxury!

Plus I have settled some important matters regarding something that has been bringing me down for a very, very long time. In a few months this thing will be out of my life for good! Can't wait.

One more thing, I can't figure out what I should do in April for my one-thing-a-month. In January I went to Paris, this was a great opportunity to get away from everything, even if it was just for three days. In February I went back home for a week. Had a chance to meet my family and friends. Plus I was there for dad's birthday, which is why I went home at that time in the first place. In March I finally went bungee jumping. This was amazing!!! Probably the best choice I have made in my life so far!! I believe that everyone should try this for what ever reason they want to, either to push new limits, fight the fear, or be brave, or what ever... JUST DO IT! Really, you will not regret this! So now April is around the corner, and I still don't know what I should do. I have vague ideas, but none of them are spot on ideas. **Pounders.**

All right my lovely muffins, time to follow the white rabbit. :D

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Life's Good

Life is a roller-coaster of love;


Monday, 19 March 2012

Impossible is Nothing

Well here I am. I've proved myself wrong countless times, but I keep going. I need to find a hobby, something to do in my spare time. It has to be something useful. It must be something worthwhile. It has to be something. PerioD. Lately I feel empty. For the last year or so. I have to stop being boring, and start living.

 Of course the exception to this is last weekend when I went to Bungee Jump! :D HEHE


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Think Different*

Life has it's ups and downs. When You're really hight up, stakes are high, however, you can enjoy the moment and spoil yourself with satisfaction. When things are down, you feel terrible, like there is no end and nothing will ever be good. Luckily for you, the positive side of being down is that there is a less likely chance for you to fall even lower. When You've hit rock-bottom, you know that now you have nowhere else to go but UP. So either way, you must learn to stay positive regardless of your position on the fortune wheel.

*You might have noticed, or not. But in the last few posts the titles have been lines from songs.
Starting with "Thanks for the memories," this comes from a song of the Fall Out Boys. "It's the end of the world as we know it" is a title to an REM song. "Let go your hear, let go your head" is a line in David Grey's song "Babylon". "Šūpulī līgo lēni, dzelteni valodzēni" comes from a Ltavian song "Vālodzīte". "A seven nation army" is White Stripes' song. And the last post in february is titled "A moment's all it takes to say goodbye", this line can be found in the song that is listed at the end of that post.
...For the next few posts in titles I decided to put popular brand slogans. For this post it is Think Different it's Apple's slogan.
Take the best of it. If I ever try to convey a message, I never say it out clear. So there.

Bye now.