Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Es nebūt mājās

I don't kiss and tell.

Bet es māku būt riebīga, ja vajag.

Just saying.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Man patīk kā tu romantiski klusē. Tev starp diviem labās rokas pirkstiem iegrūsta zāle ietīta blatā papīriņā, bez filtra. Tu to lēni pieliec pie sārtajām lūpām, un ievelc piesmakušajās plaušās kārtējo dūmu vijumu. Tie iekāpj, iekaro katru plaušu stūrīti, un tad, kad ribu muskuļi savelkas, tu tos pašus dūmus kaislīgi izpūt laukā. Lūpas tu turi nemainīgi, bet roka jau nes klāt nākamo dūmu. Mēs abi pamazām pazūdam dūmu pelēkajā. Tikmēs es nespeju izprātot, kad tu beidzot sniegsies pēc skūpsat? Tev jau nevajag, tev ir dūmi, un acīm esmu es. Tu nekustīgi raugies man acīs un klusējot tu man tomēr spēj daudz pasacīt. Es atsakos no satītā dūmu brīnuma. Kam man, ja man esi tu? Turklāt tu jau neizgaisīsi dūmu pūtienos, es zinu, ka man allaž būsi tu.

I like Zorro

To be honest, this post has nothing to do with Zorro. I never intended it to be about this character, and further more, this post is not going to be about Zorro.

Now repeat after me, THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT ZORRO.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Great Lame Ideas

I bought a typewriter. It's blue with black buttons. It's in my room. It smells like history. It is perfect.

The past few days have been quite event-full. Friday I was drinking with some coworkers. Then Saturday morning i got my typewriter. And the evening was spent by drinking with my flat mates. Sunday i had to work, hangover, but alive. Sunday evening was the latvian poker night. Once poker was over we went to a pub. I was home at about three am. Monday, work again. Hangover again. Evening - went to play poker with the Scottish people. And i got the first place out of 20 players. Was an amazing feeling. Then we went to a pub. After that we took a taxi to friend's place. And then i started walking home. I sort of got lost, since i had no clue where i was. I ended up on a highway, i think. That night i had a LOT of beer. Was worth it though. Had a good night. As i was on my way, a cab driver stopped and asked me if i was lost and where i was heading. He gave me a lift home. For free. He said that his work day was over and he was heading home already. And he also said that he feels good for helping a nice person. I couldn't stop saying "thank you"s. Was home by three am, again. Tuesday - work. Gosh, drinking THAT much before a work day was not a smart idea. But i survived. Now i need sleep. But maybe i'll go to Starbucks later to write something.. :)

That's all you get for now folks. Take care my dear friends.

I'm happy!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Mind's All Over the Place

You know how people need their alone time every now and then. Well it seems that ever since uni's over, and my boyfriend has left, i get too much ''alone time''. I'm not complaining, i don't mind it at all.. I still see and meet people, just not as often. And this causes me to over-think everything... Every random thing that comes to my mind is chewed up three billion times. Spit out. And then chewed all over again, just from a different angle. My head's gone loco. Haha.

Time to sleep now. Work tomorrow...and maybe some partying, it's Friday after all. ;))

Oh, and i have to figure out what's up with buying/not buying that typewriter. ;D

Buenas noches.
God natt.
Ar labu nakti.
Good night.

Monday, 6 June 2011


es netīšām izdzēsu anonīmo pasaciņu :(

Vot tā ir, kad mēģina kaut ko labot, kad blogo no telefona..

The Timing's Great ...

I've decided to write a book.

What a way to start a post, don't you think. Oddly brave, not in my style, but it's good to have variety every now and then.

I've decided that I have to change things in my life. I need change, and i'm not talking about getting a new hair cut or buying new clothes. I'm talking about different kind of change, innovative change. For instance, i plan to go sky diving, that's just a plan, but i'll sure do it sometime this summer. I'll also buy a typewriter. Haha. And i'll find a place where i can volunteer on Saturdays.

These changes will come with time, but i'll put in some effort to make them happen. :)

Today i went to the library and got a book about writting a book. Then i went to Starbucks treated myself with a venti cappuccino (who else will treat me if not myself?) I started reading the book that i got from the library. It was wonderful. And they were playing jazz music. Cloud nine. I hadn't listened to jazz in ages.

Today i'm feeling good, really good. I haven't felt this good in an extremely long time. There's still things to worry about, a lot of them, but i'm managing to stay positive. :))