Thursday, 17 July 2014

Let's Go For a Swim

How much would you be willing to give away for the one thing you want the most?
Your money, home, freedom, health, friend, family, happy moments, memories, time, ...
Does that not make you question the things you truly want? Don't you have the things you really "want"?

It's like wanting to know how to swim only when you're in water. It's like being able to talk when you have an important message to tell. It's like being able to run when you need to catch that last bus.

But, hey, why bother to appreciate your swimming skill when clearly you're always on the shore, right?

..or maybe..

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fata Morgana

It's like in the story of the devil and the boy. They were counting to ten, and before they even begun I could tell you that the devil will cheat and that the boy will lose. But how does it really work? Don't you become the loser the moment you break the rules? How about the unwritten rules? Either way, the boy lost and his soul was probably transferred into devil's account. Not that the kid gave a fuck anyway.

So from here we lose count. It doesn't matter what we were counting, why we were counting, ... All that is just useless background information. It's like a mirage, it's there, but it isn't. It's a fata morgana. Illusions appear in our lives without special invitations, they just come and go as they please. The uncomfortable part is that we don't always know if things are real or not. Mostly we assume that everything is either real (like a young child would), or we assume that everything is fake (like a pessimist would). This brings us to a question - in this story, was the devil real? Or was he real only because the perspective we had was that of a kid. Maybe the devil was never there! (?)