Friday, 12 June 2009

i am moving

im not moving. not away from rideau street*. But im moving away from this blog!
..talkin psychology now- i changed the name n language of the blog not because i didnt like it the way it was, but because i was hopin that it would reduce the desire to make a new blog. I want a new blog. Almost like a new start. gues it is because school is almost over. And through out this year i have changed so much! more then i can even imagine!! (more then anyone can)

This year was terrible in some ways, but great and eye opening even more! All i wish right now is that i could start this year (meaning school year) from the beginnig with all the knowledge i have now. ..but i guess that is what ppl call expirience and learning. eh?
So. This is probably not the last post here. Not yet.. but it is coming.. soon you will hear from me no more!
wish me luck for the exams.

p.s. I did great in my last drama presentation yesterday! My partner and I worked well on the dialogue and we presented it even better then in any rehersals. I think that made a nice conclusion to drama this year!! (cuz, as i said before, this year WAS terrible, even in drama for some assignments)..

pps. had a nice walk/ride home, but you will not know what i mean.. ;)

*rideau street- some random street in this city
(i would write mine, but i don't think i should!)

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Anonymous said...

nee nu, man jau vairs nav ko teikt.