Friday, 4 September 2009

same place, different view

Back in CA!
School - a lot of homework; have a class with Tašpuks; don't like my biology class; and my online course did not work out because my school board did not offer the course i want..; aside from all the negative, i love the idea that this is the last year, grade 12 (!), can't wait for it to be over. Oh, and i promissed to my self that i would work harder this year (last year i slacked off, and did almost nothing to make everything good).. With the new week im planing to start to go to the fitness club again.
Oh, and we have a long weekend, haven't yet found out why, but im sort of happy, can sleep in and FINALY cleen up my room (it's a mess!!).

Feels great to be a senior student who is in grade 12! (Tho it is sad that many friends who graduated are not around any more.) Feels like the other students respect you (cuz ex. in grade 9 it felt like other students had a laugh at what i was wearing or how i did things..). And people who are your classmates are way more mature then they were, it feels like im a human being, not a kid.

In..14 days im turning 18!


nevaru vien sagaidīt! (:

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