Saturday, 23 January 2010

Passion of Skating with the Love of Fun

Shuuuu-upa. So.
English Exam was OK. I suppose. Well i think (at least i suppose that is what people call thinking) that it was not too hard. Our teacher really helped us to get ready and we went through examples from previous years and all that jazz. She told us what to expect and what the questions are going to be. Not exact. but as much as she was allowed to tell us. The exam is in two parts, a sight passage and an essay. Since it is a Board wide exam every grade 12 student in Ottawa-Carleton District School Board who had English in the first semester was writing this exam at the very same time as me and my class mates. The exam begun at 8:45 in the morning on Friday and we had two and a half hours to finish it (it was suggested that you spend 60 minutes on the sight passage and 90 on writing, planning and reading over your essay). In the first part there was a short written text that had to be read and then there where 5 questions. The first question on these exams is always to restate the writers thesis. Our teacher told us that they are looking for two ideas. The first is more broad and the second is more specific. The second question had a choice. There were four methods of development and you had to pick two, state the definition, find an example in the text and then state how that is the correct example. In this one i did good since in the last couple days of school our teacher gave a list of literary terms and told us which ones are more likely to be on the exam. In the third question we had to choose one of three given stylistic devices, and then the same as previous - definition, example, and why it is a good example. This i did well too. The next question had two parts to it. The first was to find one or two specific words that state the diction in a specific paragraph or sentence and the second part was to state the tone and, of course everything had to be proven. The last question was a personal response question. There was a choice of two sentences from the text and we had to choose one of them, say what the authors point of view is (in own words) and then say if we agree or disagree, and say why our opinion is as it is with examples and personal experience. I was done with this within an hour (just as was recommended). Then there was the second part. They gave us 4 essay prompts and by using one work studies in this year (for me the choice was, Brave New World, The Wars, Waiting for Godot and King Lear). I wrote about Brave New World. Chose the first prompt and it was something about how societal norms cause a character to struggle as reaching for his/her goals. Wrote about Bernard Marx. I wrote it in no time. Then read over it and was done within two hours in total. Then i left the room and felt sorta good.

Today i was planning to be on time to my Spanish class. It starts at 9:00 in the morning and it would take me about half an hour to get there, buts since buses don't come on request to get there before nine i have to leave at 8:15. My alarm (my silent alarm) was set on seven in the morning, since i was planing to take a shower before leaving. I woke up at half past eight. Was 20 minute late and came in to realize that there was a test today. I am 94% sure that i failed this one. I wasn't there last week, so i had no idea we were having a test. In today's class we (surprisingly) did not do too much. First the test, it took more time then the teacher though. Then he gave us a short lesson (do not remember on what it was). Then we listened to two songs and translated the lyrics. And the last thing we did was listened to two chapters of the book we are reading.. Then the bell rung. I got home, changed, ate (it took me two minutes to heat the lunch and two to eat it). Got my stuff together, went downstairs to the basement to get my skates and was on the go to the canal.

Tashpuks organized this because he was planning that the girl he likes will be there. At last minute she had called that she can't come. They met up at one in the after noon and went to the canal together. I was still on my way home at that time so i went and was planning to catch them. After skating for about half an hour i sent a msg to Tashpuks asking how far are they. He did not know (what a surprise -.-). After taking to him and another fella i analyzed the situation and figured that i am way past them. S now i was going back and searching for white coat and a face that i would recognize. There they were. Only four of them. It was two of the three "Russians" (yeah, Plaknis was there too), Tashpuks and the best friend of the girl Tashpuks really likes. Finally found them i was pleased. Skating alone might be fun, but i was not in the lonely mood (i know, not common :D). So now it was taking, laughing and, most importantly, skating with the Love of Fun in our eyes. We skated for quite a while. We got to the big lake thing and then went back. On my way i fell three times. The first was nice, like a dive on the ice. The third time i was not really moving fast and i just fell on my knees. The third time was a pain. Yup, a pain. It was in the last stretch, I was tired, but going pretty fast and then my skate met a big, nasty crack on the ice. I fell on my knees and slid for a little on the ice. This was not like the first one, since i was going much faster. There i was. Flat. At first i didn't really feel any pain. But as i begun to skate my knee was yelling a silent scream and begging me to stop and move no more. I didn't listen. We were almost done. Once we got to the end i dropped dead in the snow. Got off my skates and put my boots back on. Felt odd at first because this was the first time this winter i got on the ice. I was happy it was done. My red cheeks were freezing, but my hands were not, even though i had given my gloves to the other girl, she was freezing all this time. I was not. It was just my face that felt the need to get a hot chocolate. We went up to Rideau center. This is where Plaknis said he had to go. He shook hands with the guys and then.. HE GAVE ME A HUG.
HE GAVE ME A GOODBYE HUG! I felt like making a WTF face, but i didn't. What was he thinking? He had never hugged before, not even on my birthday.
He left and then the four of us went to the food court. Tashpuks and i were drinking hot chocolate and the other two were eating. I was not hungry, my body was still fighting with the two minute meal that it got earlier, before leaving the house. After a while we spent in the food court (i was watching the street outside getting darker and darker and the number of people that depended on how many buses had passes by) they decided to go and play pool. I was tired, exhausted, begging for home, and with a hurting knee so i said goodbye and went home. The bus ride was messed up because there was a black guy (no intention to be racist) sitting next to me who was reading his news paper all over the place. At one point my ribs got bugged by his elbow and at other points the news paper was in my face. I was happy that i lived down town (i mean, very close to it). I got of the bus and tackled the death ice eight in front of the door. I got in and was greeted by a MIaW by Giotto and a dinner that my mom had prepared earlier that day. It was delicious. I watched the cartoon movie about the chicken Running away (forgot the name of it) and now i am here.

I am very hard working on the new years resolutions. I plan to put them back in the side bar. I am trying to eat less carbs. I am trying to learn new things. Actually i have learned two already, now i know what i.e. and e.g. stand for. Do You know? ;D

Fine my love birds. I have two exams next week and a lot of Spanish homework for next Saturday. I plan to do NOTHING tomorrow. Well, maybe i will clean up my room, time will tell. But now i am craving for my soft pillow and comfy night shirt.

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