Saturday, 27 February 2010

turns out

A few days ago i was viewing my blog from a different computer and i found out that there are people out there who can not see the third column of my blog. Lame. But i figured that i will not change anything, because after all i write for myself not for people with old computers!

But really, if You are one of them, i am very sorry, but i can assure You that You are not missing out on much!

This morning i woke up coughing and i still feel sick. I will be drinking tea all day and i shall be ready to party when the sun will go down! God dammit, i brought a new dress just so i can go.

My bro has been writing an essay for his science class proving that global warming is not affected by people. He then states that the planet earth is in a cycle (well i love cycles, i do believe that everything in bigger and smaller scale is just repeating, i mean now i am here, again..) where it gets colder, then hot again. Of course this is big time scale like millions of years. And now we are in the warm part of the cycle. He says that what human species does affects very little, that there are natural gasses that form the greenhouse effect and that how much we drive our cars and how much we burn fossil fuels will not affect anything on the bigger scale.
Just something to think about. I mean the cycle part! I think about it a lot. That's why i love the book Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.

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