Saturday, 23 October 2010

Oh boy, NO boy!

When i don't want to talk to you (i.e. I answer to your lame questions with one word and don't ask a SINGLE question back) and when i avoid eye contact, and i do not want to be in a picture with you, AND i try to avoid dancing with you, IT MEANS THAT I'M NOT INTERESTED. Who do You think you are? A prince on a white horse? A horse maybe, but not the prince. It's messed up that when i'm obviously not interested, you pull me away from my friends and tell me not to be shy. REALLY, WTF?!

Other than that the "Wear it PINK" party was just fine. Although we had to leave early because a friend of my friend was not feeling well. I would have liked to stay longer maybe just to get to know at least the name of the cute guy who i bumped into twice. Both times i was coming back from buying a drink. I wonder how many drinks i would have had to get in order to get you to ask me to stick around for a chat. Oh well, flirting is good and healthy anyway.

Can't wait for next weeks HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!

Cheers now.

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