Friday, 31 December 2010

Don't Look Back ?

Boo hoo.

It's officially the time when we should look back to yet another year that has almost run through our fingers.

Let's see where I'm at. I'm living in a student residence, and attending my first year at UWS. I'm in Scotland, Paisley, an adorable but boring town not far from nation's largest city Glasgow. Though snow surprised local people very early, late November, i'm pleased that there is no snow outside at the moment. It was quite warm yesterday, for a winter day, and according to BBC it will be around plus five today. Murr, not bad for the New Year's Eve.

I miss my friends and family dearly. And it was sad to not be with them over Christmas.

I'm feeling good though because my life has changed in the past year more than I thought it would.

Let's run back now. At the begining of the year I was still living in Canada. I had applied to universities in December and I wondered if I'd get accepted. I was very frustrated about school because of upcoming exams. However, i was pleased that the second semester would start within a month.

I don't think I ever even pictured myself at a university. Yes, of course, i had the thought, and hope that i will be, but the image in my head never reached beyond a piece of paper that would say that I'm in.

Feels so weird how much life can change in one year. I was hoping i'd be able to explain, but i can't find the right words.

So I plan on having an unforgettable last day of the year. I have a secret. You guessed it, i'm not gonna tell you.

Blah, today words are not being my friends.

So, do look back on the things that have changed. Take a bow, yet another year well played. The curtain closes and quickly the set is changed. Light and sound operators are ready, actors in places, director's palms are getting sweaty, the audience turns to quite as the room sinks into darkness. The stage crew re-open the curtain as sound operator hits PLAY - a brand new theme song is on. Light operator turns on the fifth knob to full brightness, it's a spotlight on you.
Let the play begin.

Ay, happy new year my dear imaginary friends!

P.S. I might change the title from "i'm like a dragonfly" to "i am a dragonfly."

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