Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Well hello my dear imaginary friends. Today was a lazy day.

My uni was closed today, and it will be closed tomorrow as well. This is due to the extreme weather conditions. I'm having a great laugh at this. They get a little snow and close down almost everything. Seems so odd after living in Canada. Bad news is that i'm not sure how they expect us to hand in our essays if the university is closed. I sent an e-mail, so i hope to get things clear.

As the title of the post states, today, seventh of December, is my first blog's two year birthday!!! And, yes, i'm like a dragonfly is my first one. So happy birthday to my favourite blog. Today I was trying to remember what the title of it was when I created it, i did remember, it was "Sviesta pika". This blog has been changed around so many times that even I can't remember them all.

I can sure say that I know much, much more about blogging than I used to. In fact, two years ago I wasn't really sure what a Blog is. Hehe.

+one thing to be happy about: my blog!

Life is getting better, for now. (:

Time to sleep now!

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