Tuesday, 8 February 2011

They....no wait, what?

Today's not my day. It just smells like it's not my day. I couldn't sleep last night, ended up falling asleep at around 5am. My alarm was set so to make it timely to my lecture. However, I should have changed it since I had a seminar at ten. So my alarm went of at the time when i had to arrive at my seminar room. I got ready in about seven minutes, and ran to uni. Ok, I didn't run, but I walked fast. Was there at around fiveteen past, the tutour is really nice, so she didn't get all upset or anything. I joined in a group and it was all fine. I got back to my room after the seminar, to eat ans get ready properly to go to my afternoon lecture.

This time I had arrived at uni right on time. However the lecture hall, to my surprise, was empty. I figured maybe there was a room change. So I quickly went up to the interneta cafe to check my e-mail. And turns out the lecture had been cancelled. If only I'd ceck my student e-mail more often.

So now I'm busy answering messages on facebook, and other lame social networks, and e-mails, and all the other boring stuff. Yeah, count the blog update in as well.

 Ok, i'm not in the mood of righting more bullsh!t, so bye now.

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