Thursday, 31 March 2011

Picture This

I'm walking alone from the train station. It's close to midnight. Paisley is seen as a very ''safe'' town, especially the East end, where my 'home' happens to be.

Oh, by the way, poker was moved to yesterday (Wednesday night). There were nine players, and I ended up in the third position this time. Not too bad, not too good. But just for playing I get points, so i hope to be playing in the finals once this 'batch' is done..

After poker I took one of the last trains back to Paisley. The walk from the station to the residence is about 15 minutes. The streets are pretty much empty at this time, especially the ones I have to walk in. When i'm about half way i see a man in front of me who's walking my way. You're probably speculating what I was thinking, or who this guy was. As I walk closer to him, he moves closer to me, and is clearly approaching me. You'd think i'd avoid him(?) No. I had some beer at the pub while playing poker, by the way..


You want to know what happened? be continued, maybe.

... Nope, i'm gonna keep this as just another secret of mine. ;)

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