Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Will it be an 'A'?

I'm in a good mood today despite everything else. :D

Today was the first assesment at uni this trimester. It was a group presentation for 'Reflections on Social Science' module. It will determine 50% of the final mark for this class. So guess what, it was a damn important presentation.

I was in a group with four guys. And, of course, i was really happy to work with guys, because i think guys can do better... But i could be wrong... I simply feel that i work better with guys then with girls.

We had to explore and research to answer the question ''Does social class matter?'' (Of course it does!)

Anyway. Today we met up at 9am at our uni's library and worked on the presentation ALL day, until 4pm. It sure was a long day, and I hadn't slept much, and was really tired. And, needless to say, i didn't have much to eat for breakfast. I was really glad to know that everyone had done research for the examples, and social class theories. You know, group work really is where the statement ''You're as strong as the weakest link'' applies. Can't express the joy that everyone did something.

So we worked on this thing for a long, long time (and, unfortunatelly, we did not go to the lecture, instead we kept working on putting together the whole thing).

We were the third of four groups to present. It went fairly smooth, other than the fact that one guy went into too much detail about Marks and Weber, and Functionalism. We went a bit over time, but no one cared. The tutor had only two criticisms for the whole thing. And at the end of the workshop he came up to us and said that we'll probably get an A for the presentation. Needless to say, we were the best of the four groups.

So then we decided to go to the Union to celebrate the Scottish style, with a pint (or more) of beer. Yeah, it was not late, and i think it was the first time i had beer so early in the day (oh no it wasn't, my bad hahaha). Btw, call me cheap, but the guys payed for my beer. What ever. Guys are an awesome species sometimes. LOL

Now that we've done celebrating, i'm back to stress about Friday's and Tuesday's tests. But i think i'll take a break today and study all day tomorrow. I'm just exhausted.

Peace yo. :D

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