Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Let them be.
Allow the rain to soak in me, it'll keep me alive.
I love how despite everything i'm able to go on, and i never forget to breath.
This shall go on, it will go on forever.

And we must keep moving,
always keep moving.
It does not matter where you go,
just don't stop.

Because, you know that even when you've found the right path,
you will not get anywhere, if you just stand there. The speeding cars will hit you, and you'll end up in the ditch.

So keep it up, and go on. Keep up the pase, and don't let them slow you down, don't let them stop you.

Even when you think you can no more, it means that you still got the strength.
Prove them that you're more than they bargained for.

I'll keep moving.

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The Killers - Human

Clearly, we aren't human, we're dancers!

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