Saturday, 2 April 2011

Night Night

Ok, so i went to the pre-party, or shall i say 'function', at friend's flat. However, i was not planning to go to the union's party afterwards. But then Laserman made me change my mind. We got there at close to midnight, which is when the door closes. To my surprise, there was a line, but they still let people in after twelve, so yeeeey. Haha. Anywho.
The party was alright, i guess. At first the music was really lame. And, oh gosh, they had run out of Calsberg. Wth??? Oh well.
Got back to residence fairly late, but had a wee chat with Laserman. Then went off to sleep.

The morning came too soon. My head hurt a bit, and my mind was all over the place.

But i couldn't stay in the bed for long, since i needed to pack to go to Latvia. :) Now i'm almost done packing, and i also cleaned my room. As i always do, so i can return to a clean place. My cold, i think, is backing off, since all the 'bad' stuffs coming out now. Although i still feel bad. Oh, and my mom called me around noon. That was really great! She was in the airport at that time, and yeah. Was cool to talk to her for a bit since i'm not going to see her now, when i'll be visiting.

Also, great stuff, my flight is super early tomorrow, before the trains start to run. So guess what? I'm taking the last, or second last train today and then i'll spend the night at the airport. Fun stuff!! :o

AND i'll also be missing Laserman's birthday. Not sure if i've mentioned it before(?). He's birthday is on Friday, but I hope to celebrate it with him when i come back. :)

Alright dear imaginary friends, i'm off to get ready. And maybe before i leave i'll go to the BBQ that the other people are organizing..maybe. That's not yet final... I don't really have any 'grillable' food. Haha.

Ok, ok, ok, i'm done blah-blah-ing for now.

P.S. Something tells me that i might post again while at the airport. ;)

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