Monday, 6 June 2011

The Timing's Great ...

I've decided to write a book.

What a way to start a post, don't you think. Oddly brave, not in my style, but it's good to have variety every now and then.

I've decided that I have to change things in my life. I need change, and i'm not talking about getting a new hair cut or buying new clothes. I'm talking about different kind of change, innovative change. For instance, i plan to go sky diving, that's just a plan, but i'll sure do it sometime this summer. I'll also buy a typewriter. Haha. And i'll find a place where i can volunteer on Saturdays.

These changes will come with time, but i'll put in some effort to make them happen. :)

Today i went to the library and got a book about writting a book. Then i went to Starbucks treated myself with a venti cappuccino (who else will treat me if not myself?) I started reading the book that i got from the library. It was wonderful. And they were playing jazz music. Cloud nine. I hadn't listened to jazz in ages.

Today i'm feeling good, really good. I haven't felt this good in an extremely long time. There's still things to worry about, a lot of them, but i'm managing to stay positive. :))

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