Saturday, 5 November 2011

Today I Saw a Man Cry

I was waiting for the bus at a busy bus stop. Don't even ask me where I was, I honestly don't have a clue. Anyway, I had to get home, and I was going to take the bus. As I was walking back and forth a few steps I was examining the other people waiting for their ride. Just to mention a few; there was a black woman holding a small child. She was wearing worn out clothes, and you could see that the child was cold. Good that sun was shining, so the wee girl could catch some warmth from it. Of course her mothers (I'm guessing) body heat was keeping her worm as well. There was this girl who was standing near the street, as if desperate to get on the first bus coming. She was wearing a blue jacket and a matching scarf. Her ears were plugged with cheap, white earphones. Finally, there was a man sitting on the bench of the bus stop. He was old, maybe around 60. I happened to catch his eye as he was looking back for an unknown reason. That's when I noticed the tears. There were three tears tattooed right below his right eye.

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