Saturday, 17 December 2011

le Weekend

Yesterday was the Christmas night out. The bosses of our workplace had invited all of us to a dinner and a free bar evening. First of all, not many people showed up, that was a disappointment. The food was not well prepared. The main course lacked seasoning and was cold, but the dessert was much too sweet. The starter, though, was prepared very well, and tasted nice.
The free bar was limited to main menue drinks, and our boss shut down this part of the event at eleven o'clock due to the already high bill. How great is that? At around midnight me and my friend left, had a few drinks at my place, and that was the end of the story.

Today i must buy two important postcards. Then i might go view another room (you know, me moving and all..).
In the evening i sort of have a date, but i'm gonna cancel it anyway. :D

Work tomorrow, and then Latvian poker final table at 19:00 (i'm definatelly gonna be late, since sundays are always busy at work).

Happy go lucky....

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