Saturday, 11 February 2012

Thanks for the memories

-Do you ever think?
-I think all the time.
-Really? What do you think about?
-If that would be true, then there wouldn't be coffee all over your table, floor, and your soul.
-What can I say, at least it's good coffee.

Moving is a pain in the ass. I'm not usedd to this place, this setting in general. Further more, as bad as I feel about it, I do not want to get used to this. Living with an other family is harder than I thought. Plus the hardest part is that I know these people, not that they are a family. That didn't come out right. Let's try again. The hardest part in moving in with a family that you know is not that they are a family, but that you know them. Who am I kidding, the family part is breaking my nerves as well. The KID! OMFG!! As much as I like their parents, and, to a certain extent, him (the child), he can be a real tourture. First of all him going to bed, for certain there will be tears and crying, i.e. your movie night - ruined. The child is a spoiled rat. From what I hear, the parent actions could be backed up with certain past events, and things that they all have gone throuh. But what is going on here is a bit TOO much. The kid gets a new toy every time anyone goes to a store. Most of the time it is something small, like a car, a new sword, etc. But for fucks sake, how is the child going to learn to live? Everytime he sheads a tear that he wants to go to the store, guess what happens? The family goes shopping. This kid, so far, has learned that to impress people you need new things. For example, a new scary mask to frighten people. Further more, as you probably imagined, it doesn't stop there. This kid has more shoes than his mother. Plus he eats dinner (or any other meal, for that matter) ONLY because he WILL get a sweet afterwards. If the kid sees a cartoon where someone is having a birthday party, the next day there is going to be a cake in the house. Thank god it's nothing specialy ordered.
Obviouusly the kid misses his gradparents and family that are back in Latvia, and he has no FrIeNdS, so parents try to compensate that by buying crazy amount of toys.

By the way, it's the classic story, the kid gets a new toy, he plays with it for a few minutes, an hour tops, and then it is forgotten.

Oh, and this kid has this thing, where he says "i don't like it" (it latvina, of course). He uses his cute voice and he tells it in a manner that makes it sound like he is in pain. When ever he says it (about 100 times a day), his parents drop everything an dgo right to him to find out what it is the kid dislikes, and then, no matter how redicilous the thing is, they try their best to defeat the obstacle. You might wonder what kind of things they are, well for instance, he might not like the toy in the happy meal that he got, or he got tired of the cartoon that he was screaming for five minutes ago..

Well, i'm done. It's my day, and I'm having the morning and afternoon only to myself. Watching old seasons of Two and a Half Men, THINKING about taking a shower, burning food and setting the fire detector off, spilling coffee everywhere, and missing important calls.

Yeah life is great!

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