Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Well, Well, Well

Yet another moth has come to it's dénouement. Summer is coming to an end. I wonder how people here in Scotland even get the sense of summer. For me the summer feeling has grown into me as I was growing up.  Me and my brothers would spend summers out of the city visiting relatives. We'd be eating fresh fruits and vegetables just picked from the garden. The school would be out for the entire summer. And naturally, you could feel that the temperature is higher, days were longer, and everyone would be our in summer clothes complaining about the unbearable heat. Plus it's the beach season, everyone goes swimming and tanning in the sun. However, here in Scotland things aren't as simple. As far as I know the school year here is longer. In begins earlier and ends later. (But somehow I get the feeling that they don't learn half as much as people elsewhere do.) The get some weeks of in the summer, but soon go back to school. Days remain cold, though they do appear to be longer, i.e. the sun stays above the horizon for a bit longer than in rest of the seasons. The grass stays green all year around. No one goes swimming and words 'natural' and 'tan' never come close to each other. It continues to rain 24/7, like any other season. The temperature remains low, and your body does not understand why fat storing season never ends *chuckle*. :D

Anyway, my point is that Scotland has no summer.

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