Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Birthday Post #2

In the morning Inga greeted me with a card and a poem. The card has a super cute kitten on in!! That was really sweet. I lied in my bed for some time. But soon I got up and started my long day. First I had to decide what I need from the store. I had a list that me and Inga made yesterday, but I still needed to figure some things out. Went to Tesco, got everything from the list, and some other useless things. Haha. Got home. Made a simple berry "cake" and placed it in the freezer. Then I made the chocolate mixture for truffles. Divided it into three separate bowls; added strawberry jam to one, vanilla extract to the second one, and some Baileys to the third one. Then as my laundry was washing I grilled some vegetables, boiled the potatoes, peeled the onions, and made some cheese salad. Since the weather is surprisingly sunny, I took my clothes out to dry. Now I have finished making first two kinds of truffles. The vanilla ones I rolled into chocolate pieces, and the strawberry ones were covered with some cacao powder. The Baileys ones I shall cover with ground hazel nuts. Now I gotta figure out what to wear, do my nails, mix up the fresh salad, and clean up/tidy up the place. Then when Inga and Kaspars will be home we shall start preparing the chicken. And before tomorrow comes I have to decide how I'm getting to the airport, and I still have to do some travel planning for Dublin. Yeey me. Now I'm off to do some important shit.

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