Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Highway To Hell

It's a complicated story. The trains run one way, and never come back. There are countless floors, but stairs go up only two floors. We see colors, but never appreciate them. We value things only on our own scale. We forget we're not alone. We try, but we fail. We try again, but fail again. Sometimes we succeed, some of us really do succeed, but yet it's never enough. We have gray dreams, and no sense of imagination.
I make him beg, so I can reject you. I torture myself because I believe that's what I deserve. I do things that make me feel like shit. I create pain. I go to bed late and get up early.
I destroy joy.

This is not a complaint, this is not a confession. This is nothing. This is not even true. This is fake as fake as the entire human race.

Will you create a short film for me?
You really shouldn't but you could help me, please..

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