Thursday, 20 December 2012

I am an Apricot

Yeah, I am an apricot. It's a funny story really. I once met an Irish man who told me that anyone could be what ever they wanted to be. So immediately I had to decide what I wanted to be. First thought was to be some kind of superhero. You know having super powers would be awesome. But then I figured that even more awesome it would be to be an animal. Like a giraffe for example. Imagine having the longest neck in the entire universe. How cool would that be?? HuH?

But all in all I decided to be an apricot because it has no responsibilities. It is small and mostly unseen. No one notices it. It is one of countless. But what is even more important, it has no feelings. It does not feel pain, it does not feel love, it doesn't know what disappointment is, it has no clue what it is like to be happy. It knows nothing, and it does not care of anything.

I want to be an apricot because life would be so much easier. And sometimes we all deserve for things to be easy. We all want simple and nice things. Is it really too much to ask for a nice Christmas? I don't need no presents. I want a Christmas tree. I don't need extreme decorations. A neat candle will do the job, and a nice melody that reminds of times when Christmas was really a magical time.

I am an apricot for it has no feelings.

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