Sunday, 24 March 2013

Happy Much?

Life is getting to be more compete. I have set some sort of goals. While i might still not know what i want out of life, i can say I'm happy for now, I've gained a perspective on life. I've formed a personality of my own. And more and more my carelessness of other's opinion grows in size. I have faith in me and my future, no matter what it brings.

I'm very proud of myself that i can say that I'm happy and truly believe it. I've been let down by others and myself. But it seems that all the faith I've had in humanity has turned to faith in myself. This planet might still be doomed, but at least I'm happy. And you can be judgemental all you like.. i could not care less for what you have to say about me.

I feel like a melody, i feel like a weightless leaf that's falling from the highest branch of the tallest tree. It's windy and i could end up anywhere. That's how i see myself in life. And as long as I'm as happy as i am now, i will not mind landing even in a puddle. I love puddles.

Life now is a neat 7!

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