Saturday, 26 October 2013

You say what?

Someone repainted my fall. It looks dead ugly, and all the optimism is washed away with all those grey shades that you're throwing at me. What I need is .. is.. I need to break this stupid habit of procrastination. And I know how, I've done it before, and I know I have it in me to do it again (and again, and again, and again).

Once upon a time is really here and now. /Angi Sullins/

Well how about that?
Let's make it all magical...changing the font, and size, and colour, and background colour, and wow, adding a super cool effect now, ... do you see it? The quote is now moving from one side to the other and then back! On fire! 

Ok, but enough games now, let's get back to that serious stuff.
I feel like I am just waiting for a moment, a some kind of magical epiphany to happen and suddenly I will get things done. But I have forgotten that I simply have to make most of what I have. Gosh, just want to punch myself.

Haha. Ok, I shall do something now.


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