Monday, 29 December 2008

end the smile

you better tell me when you smile
i scream back as if you would be killin' me.
i know its hard to understand, but when ever you are
..when ever you are near me its seems to be you should not be here.
smile, one more time
..and there is never gonna be such thing as us.
you don't even know where the sea meets the horizont,
but yet you get on the top.
corners of your lips are reaching for your ears,
they lie as they always have done.
you are near me and yet too far
i could reach you, but i don't want to.. are smiling again
i quit
i quit, cuz its too hard to see the smile
cramped between your yellowish teeth
this is the end,
you are behind the one sided mirror, -
you can't see me
this is where the queensway is cut off
and cut off for good
so there is no new start
..this IS the end

*sorry for the mistakes! <3>

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