Thursday, 11 June 2009

it is not that simple

yesterday morning i skipped my jog, but i did go running this morning. So i said to my self that it is ok. (n i really didn't care if it was true or not, makes no difference)

Here are just some points from yesterday:

1. My math teacher knows that i can do better, n he hopes that i will, just for the exam. I just have to study. n try. n believe i can!

2. (this one is actually from Tuesday..) Our Bio teacher actually cares about us and what we plan to do after school!

3. GGG was an amazing experience! And im saying it cuz i believe it, yesterday i felt the same feeling that i felt in ecuador! Luv it!

4.I will try harder, i just don't know when... :|

Sorry for being so.. so... booring.. i just want school to be over!!


Anonymous said...

man, starpcitu, vispār pietrūkst tavas latviešu valodas.
tur tomēr bija cits sāls. jāa, jaa.

viola said...

anonīmos šeit neviens neuzklausa! :p

Anonymous said...

nāksies! :p

viola said...


Anonymous said...

re ka paklausīji! :p