Wednesday, 10 June 2009

goin crazy one more time

who ate my salad? and who is hiding behind that table? a?
did i say u could do that? NO, never. shall i sing for you? what do u want me to sing? beatles? "Help, i need somebody, help, ...." no? "We all li-" don't talk while im singing, that is very rude. "She got a ticket to..." i don't feel like singing beatles. "if i had a million dollars, will i buy u a fur coat, but not a real fur coat - thats cruel. if i had a millon dollars, if i had a $1`000`000..will i buy u an exotic pet....blah, blha, blah... IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS...blah, blah, we wouldnt have to eat craft dinner, but we would eat craft dinner, ofcourse we would, wes eat just more..." he ha hu hooo love that song! :D

now, i must tell you, yesterday i reduced the number of other blogs that i follow, i just pressed the magic button that said "stop following" ..a couple of times.. n i still feel like there is too many, i can't follow them all.. can i? some day i shall reduce the number even more.
And i changed the language setting bck to english, so now my blog is english.. and i changed my name too: marta - viola ; now thats me! ;) and...

and... im gonna go n sleep now!

If I Had $1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies



Green said...

jā, tiešām neierasti redzēt blogu citā valodā.
varbūt man komentēt angliski? (:

viola said...

he he.
man jau tgd vairāk 1/2 uz 1/2 sanāk! :D
nē, nē.. man patīk lv komentāri! :]