Tuesday, 9 June 2009

me be dumb.. [i do recomend to NOT read this]

tonight i shall have no sleep
i will "wake up" at 5:30 or 6:00, it depends on what i will wanna do.. n what time i will leave house for school..
i will get to school n i will lie, again. n u know what is even more cool? im in the state where i do not care anymore whearther i hand in the work or not. ill just tell her what i have n what i dont have n then suffer the consequences. lolzz ima dumb ass..
next, i did not reviwe for any of my tests.. so im even more dumb now..
n now, after the last w-end, i love corld showers.. wounder why i hated em before. xD (?)

but in general the downward path continues..

no i shall rename my blog n make it all english, just cuz its how i want it now.! :DDDD

p.s. Lāci, man patīk jaunais izkārtojums! ;)


Anonymous said...

es pilnīgi šorīt apjuku, kad man pateica, ka sviesta pikas vairs nav.
sirds gandrīz apstājās.
vot šitā gan nekad vairs nedari!!!

viola said...

es arī! :D
bet man šitā dikti patīk! ;)

... .. 'my dragonfly'

ir tač forši. ne?