Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bad Coca-Cola

Have You seen the movie FLOW?
If You havent , then definitely do so!
Basically it is about how clean water is going to be the "new oil", as in, now people, countries, corporations are fighting for water. The winner can be very easily detected because in this system it works very much like in Darwin's Natural Selection. The one who has more power and resistance to todays rules of life will survive. In this case it is the BIG companies, like Coka-Cola, that are stealing from weaker and developing countries in other parts of the world (or as some say, from the third world countries). What these multi-million corporations do is they seek for places where to get clean water; since the pollution has destroyed oceans they have to dig where there is less pollution and where no one (well, they think so) is using the water. They go to small communities in countries in Africa, take the places where international volunteers or the communities themselves have created acceptable clean, drinking water. This results to increased diseases and child death (which also links to overpopulation). It forces people who have no power in their hands to wait for water after walking incredible distances for hours, days, even weeks (and yet they might leave with no fresh water), if they do get water they have to carry it back home. The most convenient way is to put full baskets on head (this is done by women and children). These conditions in many cases leave no other solution then to drink (!!) water from polluted rivers, where companies (with very low security standards) dispose their chemicals, where animals (sometimes sick) swim and drink, where people bathe.
Is that fair?
As individuals we an choose to drink tap water (if You know that it is clean). If You do buy bottled water, then buy LOCAL (My Dear Friends, ALWAYS Buy Local Stuff, ALWAYS) company bottles, before checking that the water they sell is not gained in a very unfair, illegal way. What ever You do, DO NOT BUY COCA-COLA, NESTLE, PEPSI PRODUCTS. If You do then You will be supporting them as they take away water from innocent people, as they destroy lives, as they steal what is not theirs. At least now, that You know, PLEASE!!!
That is what I have decided to do. I will not use these three company products. My morals have drawn a line, and that is where it is!!! I can't use their products knowing that because of that people in a developing country are suffering!! Water is not just for people who can buy it! Everyone has a right to clean water.
You can't make a change, but a group can, You have the choice now to be part of people who agree that CLEAN WATER IS A RIGHT!!

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