Thursday, 14 January 2010

all in one moment

This week is an absolute nightmare. Had summative presentations in all three of my classes, where two i had to present out of class time due to certain problems. I didn't sleep last night. I am not sure why. Well i do know why. Actually it was due to several reasons. First i did my application for university. Call me stupid, call me an idiot, I allow you, since that is what i am doing. I applied to one university. Yeah, just one. And the lucky one is Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. I cchose to apply for psychology (c800). It took me about five days to finish the personal statement that i wrote for them. First i gave it to a few of my friends to read it. Then i made an appointment to ask a professional help from my ex teacher. She striped it right naked. I said that she raped it all the way through with reaching ...hmm.. quite good, i suppose, climax. Yes, i just said that. She gave me some good advice. I rewrote it instead of editing the original one. That is how much it had to be changed. By the time the statement was done i was satisfied with the work done.
Today after school, when i finished my Biology summative, i felt a weird satisfaction. That is because now i can actually see what are the work that i still need to catch up with. Before when ever i thought about school i would go mad, crazy, insane, confused.... I would not be able to find an end to all the things. That caused stress ... and blah, blah, blah..

I haven't slept for approximately the past 36 hours. My head is about to explode (if it hasn't by now) and i still need to do homework for tomorrow. My body is in a state where my memory is just incapable of remembering anything.

Yesterday i also added a few stuff to my blog. The visible one is that i changed the template, again, and added the background. And, i have to admit, it was hard and not easy, took a lot of time to find, but i added page navigation at the bottom of the blog. Yeah, yeah, i know it is not really needed, but, hey, i like it!

I have a lot of stuff to do.. for tomorrow, friday, satudray AND sunday!! So, just in case if i go insane, ill let you know one more time that it is the end of the semester, TOO much to do. Next week is my first exam. Can't wait for February!!!!

PS. I really want to add a cool pic for the title. I was going to make a collection of google Jean Fabrics, but yet again, i am not sure if then it will not be too Jeany! ha ha.. Any other suggestions?

Oh Cheese, i need more structure in my posts!

PS. Don't forget to avoid Coca cola, Pepsi and Nestle.

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