Friday, 1 January 2010

It's a kiss tape thing

Turns out i took a day off.

A day away from life, from problems, prom trouble, away from watching weight, away from reality (though i do that a lot either way), from common sense .... well a break from everything!
Now most of You who are reading are thinking: "How do you do that?" or "What do you mean?" or "That's not possible."... or something like that.
Well here is what i mean..
Life is about creating obstacles, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller and then taking them down to ensure a certain amount of satisfaction. Or as one of the quotes of the day said "It's all about FACING it." As some of You might know my one love is psychology. I love, simply love looking at life through this lens. But as to everything there is the down side to this one too. I can't stand looking at my own life like that. But i can't help it... Though it KILLS me, i just keep seeing ALL the flaws and it is such a pain. It really is devastating. It is like stabbing your self with a poisoned dagger. And what i see is a pathetic little girl who SETS HER GOALS TOO HIGH. Then she is unable to obtain them and end not only failing, but losing all she had before and ends up with a perfect, so corner ZERO.
So Hello, Im ZERO! Nice to meet you.

Now You all are probably thinking, "what ever, i don't care, but what's up with the 'kiss tape' from the title?" Well now i will tell You.
Do you all know the kisses® camdy? Well that is the key to this post. I was chillin home all day. (ohh, btw i realized that writing a blog is almost like updating YouTube channel but with no video and sound, just the readers interpretation of the post) Anywho, while i was online, i was eating the candies kisses (if you still have no idea what i'm taking about click here for a picture or here for the website (if You have Your speaker on You will hear their lame sound)). And then i bumped in to a kiss candy that had a longer piece of paper (if you are looking at the picture it is the paper sticking out of the top of the wrapped candies, just mine don't read "Hershey's Kisses" but just "KISSES®"). And i was thinking, wow, that is so cool. And the i got the idea of making a even LONGER kisses thing, so from now on, instead of wrapping all wrappers and pieces of papers i left the papers out. So i had a few of them and i taped them all together.
I might even put a picture or two in so You can really get the picture... :D :D
ha ha
Yeah, im cool like that.
I was going to write about all other crap too... but ohh well some other time i guess...
or never! :P
Ohh.. have a marshmalloweee 2010 my sweet lovers.

Check THIS out! VERY COOL!

ohh... here is a pic that i sorta said i would show You:

OHH UN dziesma!!!!!!
TIK sen nedzirdēta, bet allaž mīļa
Tiziano Ferro - Rosso Relativo
Smieklīgi ir tas, ka rikai tagad saprotu līrikas. :D
dzisma principā ir par meiteni un par to kā viņš slīkst viņas krūtīs un tml.
Kad pirmo reizi dziesmu dzirdēju par seksu tā pat neko nesajēdzu un dziesmā man tikai patika piedziedājuma pirmās divas rindiņas un jāatzīt, ka meldiņš ar lipīgs! :)

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