Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Craft of Writing

Hi my LOVES! I missed You more then a mother has ever missed her child. Really. Missed in the literal meaning and i can't express the layers of happiness over my heart.

Life is OK. I guess. Have two important things to catch up on: Letters!!!! and Ottawa Youth For change meetings and volunteering. Have done nothing about that lately so i have to catch up on stuff since the events are approaching fast. And i have a LIST of people who i own letters, messages and e-mails to.. so i really hope they can be a moment more patient.

A few days ago i started to write a post about my last exam and about a movie i saw: AVATAR! Everyone is screaming about it! Ha ha. At first i was really not willing to see it, come on, some movie about weird blue people, but after hearing SO many good references and comments, i decided that i should see it after all. Yeah, so i did. Went with a friend and saw it on IMAX 3D! It really was incredible. Though as a person who likes to pay attention to details i could say some stuff that was not top noch, but hey, in general, it really was one of the best movies i have ever seen. After all they were making it for several years!

Second semester has begun! The first day was normal. You know, get to know the teachers and stuff. The second day...more in the ups and in the downs. Writers Craft was amazing, we had 10 minutes to write about ANYTHING. and then the teacher asked if anyone wants to read theirs, and i kinda liked mine, so i read it to the class... People liked it and it made me kinda feel like there is something that i CAN do! But then as i was walking to my next class i talked to one of my classmates and she said that after hearing my piece she did not feel like reading hers. I totally discouraged my classmates!!! Can't believe i was the evil person!! Grrr...
and math... oh math... the teacher did not give us a lesson, we had to work on hand outs. The sad thing here is that everyone (!!) found the tasks easy while i was struggling to even understand what i was asked to do. I felt sad. I really need to work on my math... but there is a problem, ..this is previous course stuff and it is not included in this textbook. eh...... i'll figure out something! You know i will! ;D

About 10 minutes ago i received a missed call... I checked my phone before seven minutes and called back. (...This number was not in my contact list)..

i guess i have a date, tonight! :) (kk, i don't guess, i know!)

With more then enough Love, always Yours, Marta!
(i am starting to learn to write my name with the capital "M", not easy..)

Special Thank You kisses to Muffindoddess!
And a extremely nice "Hi" to Lācis!
Who knows, maybe they will peak their pretty noses in here too!

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