Monday, 22 February 2010

"Good Morning"

No, of course it is not the morning! Fooled You didn't i? No? Oh well.
As You can see, i did as i said i would, changed the template of this sad little blog. The poll went very sadly and i received only 3 responses. Thank You, if You did vote! Really appreciated it. Aside form the poll, i asked in person to some of my fellow people which they thought was the pretties one. The flower template got the most votes in total, so that is the one i chose.

But if You could even imagine how much trouble i went through to Upload it! At first, when i uploaded it Blogger asked me if i wanted to keep my previous gadgets, to which i obviously clicked to keep them, but then to my surprise i got some things in double. Such as the blog title field, the posting field.. And i was unable to remove the double, it didn't even offer such an option. I was unsure what to do. For one second i actually thought to just choose a different template. But, no, no, no, i am not that kind a girl that gives up easily. And so i copied all the HTML codes of all my gadgets, so that when i try to re-upload the template i would choose not to keep the gadgets. This was a pain in the ass. I totally forgot that i had gadgets not only on the sidebar, so now i don't have pages at the bottom, but i think i might be able to live without them. What do You think? Should i renew them? I don't remember where i found it. I probably forgot some other gadget, but at the moment i can not recall.

I changed some stuff here and there. Not perfect, but i sorta like it.

School was dreadful. I spent up the whole night writing my essay for writers craft and answering questions on answers. I swear, it is addictive.

I had a nice nap once i got home from school. Now i just gotta do my homework.

Oh, not sure You noticed, but i created Badges for my blogs. I feel really proud of that, since i have been willing to do this for a very long time now.

And, news that are on the top of the list (not sure why i'm putting them in as last..). I created a new blog! Yes! I did! It is called Song of the Day. (Well the "title is ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪", but really...not) Any who, the title is self explanatory. Yes? No? Every day i will be posting up a new song. I will try to pick songs that are of a different kind and not very popular. The goal really is to explore world music, to see what is out there. As for here, i will use the tag music dose if i am ever to mention it again.
Go ahead, visit it and listen to the first songs and You are more than welcome to be a follower, then You will get a new song for every day! Cool, don't You think?

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