Saturday, 20 February 2010

3-column templates - help?

Knowing me You would have probably expected this: i want to change the template of my blog, again. This time the trigger was that the new template does not match my title. So i had to (well, have to) change either one. Since the title is like a part of me already i decided that the new template has no chance of winning over. So i decided to find the perfect template. I had done this before, but i was searching with key words, esp. dragonfly, and since now i am an adorer of three-columns i took the advantage and typed that beside the dragonfly. Nothing pretty, extraordinary would show up. So i just searched, websites one by one. But i couldn't find anything that smelled like the best one. Then i came across this website: BTemlpates and fell in love. It has such a choice, a variety of themes, and of course templates for more column lovers. (And it turns out that this template, that i have now, comes from the same template master!) I clicked on the 3 columns in the sidebar and continued my groovy search. As i scrolled down to the bottom of the page i couldn't believe it: 'Page 1 of 50'. I got in the mood that this is where i WILL find my template. For those who plan to jump and run and go and search for a new template of their own, the first pages show newer templates and the last pages contain older ones. All in one, the recent ones where better, but there were some good ones in the last pages too. So, if You are a person who likes to leave the best for the last, then start with the last page.
I was looking for something that would fit blog title, my personality and the kind of posts i put up here. In general i write about my life and that is all, but i do tend to put in some movie reviews, blog related things and other jazz (such as a song now and then). Also, i wanted the new template to be simple, but not too much. I was looking for something new that would be pleasant to look at every day.
As i was searching instantly noticed several that i liked more, they were so adorable that i felt like putting them right up, but then i came across more and more of the ones that seemed like a perfect fit. So i came down to about fifteen. I put on my critical eye and eliminated one by one hoping that i would end up with a single template. I failed. There are six that i can't decide on. I like them all and every one of them has something about it that just didn't let me to cancel it out.

And this is where You, my dears, come in! I NEED YOUR HELP to choose which template to pick. You see that nice purple box on the sidebar? Yes, that one! Please take a second to view the templates and then choose the best one (..or two, if You are as indecisive as i am). I will leave the poll up there for a few days, maybe a week (that depends on how many votes i receive), so don't be shy and let me know what You think.

Here is the list of the six templates, if You fall in love, like i did, i added a link where You can download them, so You can put it in Your Blog!
1.Flower Blog
Download flower blog template
2.Worn Wall
Download worn wall template
Download cumulus template
4.Simple Pleasure
Download simple pleasure template
Download dusky template
6.Tired Girl
Download tired girl template

Thank You for voting and reading! Kisses!

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toguints said...

I have to go with the floral :)