Sunday, 28 March 2010

i am a hobo?!

Hello. It is Sunday. I would say that it is my favourite day of the week, but that is not true, so i will avoid that. We were planing to go to Montreal today to visit some places. You know, since dad is here for just one more week. But that fell apart because apparently the places where we wanted to go to are closed due to effing Canadians who are striking, as if they have no hobbies, but that. So we will be going to the museum of civilization to their new exhibition. I plan to not like it, though i am afraid that i will, a little.

The line of the day that was born in my head this morning is "I dreamt I am a hobo and i woke up tired". It is true, i did dream that i am homeless. I just think that there is something to think about. Since some think that being a hobo is easy, they think that they get money from the people who are nice enough to give change to street people and that they get food at soup kitchens and garbage, and shelter in the homeless shelters that are here and there around the city. Others say that they don't work, so they can not possibly be tired. I disagree. In the dream i was crazy looking for a place to stay for the night that had became unusually cold. I do not recall the reason why i was living on the street or how i ended up with no shelter for that very night. I remember being hungry and i remember that i was unable to ask people for help, just because i know how most people look at hobos. I was ashamed to be where i was. I recall being hungry and unable to eat, and i recall needing to use a washroom and i had no access to one. So absurd.
I remember that some odd family had a shed and they were happy to help me out, for the night at least. There was a girl who was about my age and we played chess on a hand drawn chess table and half of the figurines were missing. It didn't matter, we just played, she told me to pretend that i am just taking over someone's game who had lost some of the worriers. And so i did that. It was fun to play since no one cared who will win or who will lose - we were happy that we had something.. And i'm not talking about the chess board, i'm talking about the company each of us had. I was lucky to be in a shelter for the night. The girl was happy to have a someone to play with and the parents of that girl were glad that their daughter could be happy, at least for the moment.

Things like these make me remember how lucky i am to have a place to live in and a family that is there for me, even if not always they are right here beside me. So many people have no clue of what it is like to don't have the primary needs of a human being. It is ridiculous of what they think they deserve.. Preposterous.

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