Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The other girl

There is this girl that lives with me in my room. We fight. We fight a lot. We fight all the time. We fight too much. It is because we are very different people. When ever i like something she thinks it is the worst thing in the entire world. And the things she adores make me puke. She is the south and i am the north. Total opposites. She never listens to me. She does things that annoy me. She treats people differently. She has a very different perspective on life. She gives me hard time when it comes to eating. She says i eat too much and that i am too fat already. I can't fit in my old jeans. She tells me that i pay too little attention to my school work and that my bad marks are just the proof of that. She tells me that i don't know how to get friends and that i don't understand people. One day she told me that the career that i plan to pursue is not the right for me. Who am i kidding? She has said that more than once. To be precise, almost every day.

She thinks about me all the time.

All in one she is a very nice person. But i can't stand her any longer. I think i will need to ask her to move out. I am not sure though if she needs a week or two, or maybe i should give her some years, You know, around fifty or so.. I will think.

Her name is Marta too. I think it is odd that so different people can have the same names. What the heck, at least there is something we do have in common.
Oh, one more thing - I am her.

Thank You! I'm off now.

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