Friday, 7 May 2010

Good old

As maybe some of you know. Oh no, wait. You don't know. (Blame it on silent April)
My phone has gone under construction several times now. The last time was very, very unpleasant. I ended up losing the original buttons replacing those with pieces of cork and taping them to the phone. Now I am embarrassed to take my phone out when in public. So now I have found my old phone. It can not be charged, but since it both of the two phones are Sony Ericsson, i can switch them all the time. It is also very slow. I don't understand why because I have deleted a bunch of files. And, of course, the graphics of the old phone are terrible. I guess we get too pampered with all the new technologies. But i think it is acceptable when living in this painful to watch society. The old phone is also bigger and .. how do i say this.. old!
And i can't get my contacts from one phone to the other. Well. I might just stick to the taped pain in the butt.

It is Saturday night and I am sitting at home. I will go to sleep soon, since i didn't sleep last night.
Or will I? I still have to finish my homework for Spanish class.

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