Wednesday, 5 May 2010


On the past weekend my mom decided to clean the basement form all the crap and all the stuff that has been piling up there. I found one thing that I liked. It was a small white plastic bag. It had a simple knot at the and so it could be easily opened. Inside there were stars. Yes stars.

Oh, just before I talk about my stars. A month or two ago I tweeted that i miss stars. Just so You can better understand how exciting this is for me. I love stars. I love stars. I enjoy glaring at the night sky and thinking about almost nothing at all.

Well these stars are the ones that glow in the dark once they have been in light for a while. And i put them up in my room on the ceiling. And last night i slept under the stars!

Here is something cool, just wanted to post it, so i have it and i don't lose it. And yes, you are allowed to check it out. Tattoo locations.

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