Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Who likes perfect?

Last night was a blast. I wasn't going to write about that. At all. But then just now i decided that I want to. A little. Me and four of my friends had decided to go and see Iron Man 2. We were going to go yesterday (a Tuesday) since it is the half a price day, but when we got to the movies we found out that all the tickets were sold out. Then we quickly drove to a different one, and that one was all sold out as well. We were upset. (As you can probably imagine) And right by just happened to be an LCBO store. The plan was born right there and then. We all kinda contributed to it and I must say, it was an awfully random idea, great, but also not very smart. Anyway, so went in the LCBO got coolers and went to one of the guys house. HA HA! He had a bottle of tequila. And his brother had a HUGE collection of alcohol. He just kept bringing bottles out: Cognac, Mojito mixes, vodka, etc. Then he left saying: "Have fun!" And, yes, we did! :D


Now back to what I was going to talk about. Perfect.
I was busing to school today, to my last class. (Yeah, we stayed at that guys place for a sleep over) And I saw an interesting guy on the bus. (Didn't see that one coming, did You? Ha Ha) We had the stare-stare thing and then I had to get off. I thought about how cute the whole thing was. I smiled to myself. He was so imperfect. He was nervous just from the gazing in to each other eyes. His palms were sweating, I could tell it because he was rubbing his palms against his jeans. He had a cheap haircut, the regular short hair type a thing, and a simple sweater. Perfect? No! But he looked so good. He had a pretty face, his lips were a little dry and he had dark, shiny eyes. I wished I wasn't running late for the last class that I really wanted to go to, I wished I could have stayed on the bus for more stops so he could hopefully start talking to me. But there just wasn't enough time. (Uh, TIME, never enough TIME.) Then after school, after the extra drama rehearsals I was busing, this time home, I was a "perfect" couple outside walking down the street. Since there was traffic, I got to see this couple a few times. The girl was wearing a black skirt that had a golden stripe along the bottom of it. The skirt stopped right above her knees, one could see her fit, tanned legs. Then she was wearing a white shirt and a spring jacket. Her black hair was covering half of her back, they were trimmed in a straight line and dyed in one shade of dark brown (or maybe it was her real colour, I don't really care). She was wearing very little make-up, that's what it looked like, but her eyes were highlighted so well, that i do not believe she had little make-up. Her lips were glossy pink. She was holding her French manicured hand with her boyfriend. He was wearing designer jeans. I could tell it. I simply could. His feet were wrapped in converse shoes. He had a leather jacket that had two pockets on each side. He had a fresh looking spring scarf around his neck and sunglasses on the top of his head. (Let me guess, those were designer too.) They were so perfect, waling down the street and smiling.

I came to thinking. Who likes perfect? Do You? Isn't perfect boring? Do the perfects like perfects?


We decided to go and see Iron Man 2 next Tuesday, if it will be still playing.

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