Tuesday, 18 May 2010

How to live in a Drama

Life is a bitch! A big ass Drama. But in a polite language, it is never easy. And You know what? The best part of life is the fact that it is never easy! If it would be easy then there would be no big point of living it. Right? Of course I'm right.
This week is bringing me down. Well, first, I have found the reason why for the last two years I have been terrible in school. Here it goes...
The semesters are too long! Yes it is that simple. I get going every semester with an awesome start, great marks, impressive attendance and a 100% effort. But then when about one third is left I bake down. How did I not see it before? No the next step is to come up with a solution! (Even though now it is a little too late!) Anyway.
As a person who need diversity, what can I do to not make one semester seem so long? What about little changes? (Well those are the only things I can do!) First I have to fix my bike, or start walking to school. Not only a change, but a good and healthy change. Yeah, I don't think I will have the will to walk to school in the mornings, I could handle the after school walks home. The weather now is gorgeous and the sun is very, very generous lately. Getting back to the topic, things I could change. I could move to a different seat in classes where it is possible. I could buy (another) new bag. (Thats what I did at the start of the second semester...now that I think about it, that was the reason why I got the bag; I wanted something new.) Or a new pencil case ZĀBAKS is too old and makes me ill when people ask me what it means. Or I just need something that would make me happy /mind interrupts: money, money, money and more money/ or in other words, shopping! I am sorry, but I can't help it, love of shopping is like a curse to almost every girl.

I will think about that and see what comes of it. Mean while, I really wanted to tell You that this week are our drama shows on! Yeah! Haha, we worked hard (did we?) and tomorrow is our first show! I am stressing out like a teen going on his first date and am unable to pull myself together. But I will. I have to. Then we have another show on Thursday and then we will be done with this /my mind: Yes! No more Bitches!!/ Can't wait for it to be over.

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