Tuesday, 23 November 2010

four walls

On the second they I got here I wrote on sticky notes this: "You can do anything if you put your mind to it." One letter per one note, and sticked them to a wall. Soon they started falling of and I was forced to come up with something new. So I got a table cloth and permanent markers, and wrote the sentence on it in huge letters. Now along with that I wrote out some lines from songs that I like. Looks cool.

I have 26 stars all around my room, they glow in the dark. I've also put up small flyers of past parties up on my wall. I stole a bigger party poster from down stairs. It's for this weeks party, they'll be having a Scottish international party. I also put up my grad hat. There is a picture of my family that no one knows I have.
And I put up a post card that my dad sent to me, it has several places from my city on it.

That's all my walls are holding at the moment, hopefully there will be more posters to put up as time goes by.

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