Wednesday, 24 November 2010

i'm talking about being bad

Oh yes, it's on, the time of the year when almost half of the people at the party leave around midnight because something is due tomorrow before 3pm. Assignments come like a storm, at first you get one. As a warning for what's about to come. Then two weeks later - BAM!!! One assignment after another, two to be done this week and even more the following one. So why not wait till the night before to finally finish them? Meanwhile, of course, partying or simply doing anything BUT the course work.

Being a student has never been easy, and no one ever said that it would be. And although you have been warned that the professors will not care that you just HAD to go to a party, you still belive that it's a reasonable excuse. Not that you're going to tell them, but in your own head it's a perfectly fine excuse. It might be alright for the moment, but in the long run - definately not!

So guess what, it's almost 1am, I just got back to my room from a friend's birthday party, and I have to finish some campaign essay and do some statistics calculations. That is to be handed in tomorrow (that is today, i just still have Ottawa's time zone on Blogger, and i'm not even planning on changing it).

So good dreams to you, but it's study time for me.

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