Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The theme for today is to write about a piece of jewelry that we own, one that has a story behind it. I have a few pieces that come from as presents, as brought just because i liked it very, very much, some are even found. But the only one that has a story worth to tell is one that a very good friend of mine gave me for my names day a few years ago.

It was during a camp, and I happened to have my names day in the few days during it. The person who I mentioned as my friend once actually used to be my dance teacher. Folk dancing. I haven't talked to her, due to certain reasons (suspicion actually, but that's a different story). Anyway, so at the camp, as a camp, we went places, and did things (yeah, i know, ppl do that everywhere..gee, my writting has came down to a very low level latelly, so please firgive me). So one night a few friends were going down to a some lake not far away and asked me if I wanted to come along. And, of course, I said that I do want to. I grabbed my swimsuite and my towel, hoped in the car with them and we were on our way there. When I was changing, I also took of my new necklace, because I didn't want to lose it while swimming. I put it in my short pocket. So we had a great time down at the lake. Got out the water, quickly got dressed and left soon after. It was cold so we wanted to get back to our accommodations as fast as possible. As we were driving back I realized that my necklace wasn't in the pocket anymore. I searched all over the car, but soon I understood that it must have fallen out when we were rushing to get back. I was really dissaponted in myself. How could I take so little care for this precious gift? Now the lake was just lika any usual lake in Latvia. Had grass, sand, bushes, tress, and all that. And going back to find it was redicilous, especially since it was dark already. I had to tell myself to let go. I told my friend of what had happened, and I felt so terrible.

The next day, however, we happened to go to the same lake. It was daytime now, and the sun was at it's fullest. We were enjoying the day. We spent a lot of time there, had our lunch, played games, and all the other stuff that people do at camps. When we were leaving, and I was stepping into the car, I noticed a little shiny thing not far from the car. I got out; everyone else was eager to leave and couldn't understand why I would suddenly get out. And there it was. My necklace. I was so glad that I found it. Even since I have never been carefree with my jewelery, since it always is very dear to me.

So what's the lesson of the day? Take care of the things that mean a lot to You, because You only really know what You've got when it's already gone. Be nice kids. Take care. HAHA!

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