Friday, 12 November 2010

Radio Head

"What's the biggest sacrifice you've ever made for another person? Was it worth it?" NaBloPoMo's question(s) for today.

I'm going to answer this the way I see it.
I don't sacrifice anything for anyone. I just do what I choose to do. Maybe it's the word 'sacrifice' that I simply dislike. Because I love helping others. (Yeah, I don't do that 24/7, but I do every now and then.) Most are small things.
I don't sacrifice anything but time. Sometimes more than just time, I've given up a guy for a friend, twice. Never a good thing. What does it change if in the end it is your heart or your friends heart that breaks?
I've moved a party a day before an exam just because my friend was leaving on the day of my exam. I haven't seen my friend since. I left before she was back. (As a matter of fact, she still isn't back.)
I got the best birthday presents for my twin brother when we turned 18, but never got a present back (unless you call a grasshopper covered in chockalate a present, Oh, but you find out it's a grasshopper only once you've already eaten it).

I'm that lame.

I've been listening to radio all night. A very gay station. Most songs are so bad that I simply take the earphones out of my ears. If you know me, than you know that usually i wouldn't do that, so you can only imagine how bad some of the songs were. I also nuplugg my ears when they talk. It's so ridiculous, I do not care if you found a Christmas song CD in your messy car. I also couldn't care less if you've slept all week, or if you haven't slept for twenty hours. Gee! They don't have much advertisement, i'd put that as a pluss. However, to be honest, i'd rather listen to a cheerfull phone companies add then listen to their news. It's a recorded one minute long news script. I don't want to be sarcastic, but playing over and over again about a director who has died is a little unethical. Maybe I'm wrong, but for gods sake, it's an invitation to attend a dead persons funeral not Lady Gaga's performance. Now all this made me wonder why the hack am I listening to this station. And it wasn't hard to understand. I'd listen to an other station, but the choice is really narrow, practically nothing to choose from. AND I'm very tired of the songs that I have on my phone.
Therefore I listen to this station, because they do put some OK songs every now and then.

I should get out of my bed and start doing something, but more sleep sounds much more tempting.

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