Monday, 14 March 2011

Poker Face

It's Monday today. Wait. Let me say that again. It's Monday today.

Hmmm..interesting, my brain seems to hafe died(?) Alright, one more time. Ready?

Today's Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday! It's Monday you fool.

This can't be good. My brain is not responding to this.

Neh, forget about Monday. What really matters is that yesterday was Sunday.

I was at the Latvian poker tourney thing yesterday. It went much better than last time. Don't know if I mentioned, but two weeks ago there were 12 players, and I, sadly, placed 8th. Of course it's grwat that I wasn't the first one to fall out, but that's not a really good place, if you ask me. Though there's aanother factor to it. Last time was theirst time I played poker with these people. My main goal then was to get to see what it looked like, how it, was, and what sort of people were playing. Yesterday I went to Glasgow with the last bit of cash I had. I didn't pay for the train (yeah, the first time ever, and i feel bad for it, i'll try my best for it to not happen again!). There was a 5 pound by-in for the tourney. For a person who has roughly around 8 pounds, that's more than half of what i have. I got one beer, just because we're at a pub and not getting anything didn't seem right. It was the cheapest thing there, and was 2 pounds. Now i've got around one pound in my pocket. This means that I don't even have enough to get home.

Remember when I said that I need to figure out my priorities, this was what I was talking about. I go to Glasgow so I can play poker while, and at the same time, I eat legit shit (excuse my language), and cancel dates with the guy that I really, really like. There must be something wrong with my head!

Well this time I figured that if I want to get home by bus (the trains don't go so late anymore), then I HAVE to, at least, get in the third place at this poker tourney. This time there were 10 people playing. 5 pounds from each person. The first three places divide the money, this time it was, £5 for 3rd place, £15 for 2nd, and £30 for the winner. If i'd at least get the third place, i'd get back the five that I had to pay in, and i'd be able to get home.

We begun by playing at two tables, 5 players at each one. Then the guy who got the first place last time was the first one to lose. It was ironic. To make it better, the second to lose all his chips was the one who was second last time around. Now that there was 8 people left, we all came in to play at one table. I had just lost a hand, so it was pretty sad, since now there were more people to compete against.

Fast forward. >>

Now there's five people left at the table. Some of the people who lost were still sticking around to chat, play poker amongst themselves, and to see how the game would end. The person who had won last time and lost this time was talking to me, and he asked me how will it go. To which I said that this week i'm here to win, and I said that i'll either be first or second. I could see that he was thinking that I just talk much. He asked me if I was sure and I told him that i came with this thought me in my head. He asked if i was thinking the same last time, and i said 'no, last time I came to see what this whole thing is like'. Right at that time i lost a fairly big pot. And he said 'Salielījies?' (showed off too much?). I explained to him that it was just one hand. It went bad for a few hands. I called someone's all in, and lost. Don't forget that now the blinds are getting bigger, and bigger, so it's a serious business. Haha.

Then the guy who was the chip leader started to play way too loose, and ended up losing. It was four of us now. Two guys, and two girls (there's only three girls playing by the way). One of the guys had way less chips. The other girl had most chips since she had called the all-in of the 5th place. While I was, chip cound wise, the third. We playes a lot of hands, and then finally the guy with least chips lost. Well guess what, this meant that i'll be able to get back to my student residence - joy! But the game doesn't end there. I still said that i'd get the second or first place. So here I was, i had the least chips. The only guy left kept going all in, though he had a lot of chips. Then the other girl finally called, and ended up losing most of her chips. And in not many hands she lost. Two plaers left. Chips were around equal count now, wellI had a bit more. Needless to say, the guy kept going all in, and I kept folding. Then I got a good hand, an ace and a queen, and called. He had a weaked hand, but he won the pot with two pairs. I had almost lost. I went all in three times in a row, and won. But the forth 'all-in' ended the game and thd guy won. :D

So now I had my money for the bus and I had my pride, for I had gotten in the second place. I think that's a win-win position.

Anywho. After the pub i texted my imaginary friend, the laserman. And, luckely he was still up. (Was close to midnight.) And he had remembered that I had a poker night, which for me was a big surprise. So we texted back and forth. Then i met a friend on the bus. I got back to my room, and texted laserman.. Soon enough I got my 'good night' message, and then I was off to sleep.

But it's Monday today. I'm off to eat something, and then i'll go to the library - research time.

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