Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tell You Something

Thought about tweeting this, but I couldn't formulate it the right way. I'll try again, since here I have more characters to spare.

You've been on my mind almost all the time now. I think about you when I go to sleep after reading your good night message, and i think about you in the morning when i open my eyes and remember the dream where you played the protagonist. You come across my mind when my day's been a hell, because the thought of you makes me smile despite everything that goes wrong. Don't worry, I also think of you in the happy moments, like when I see the sun up hight, and the clouds parting. I alslo think of you when I see the stars during night.

And to be honest, right now all i want is to kiss you. And when ever I get to see you, I can't stop wondering when will be our next kiss. I always want to just grab you and kiss you, and for you to never let go.

And if you ever do not text me for a whole day (oh god, the Friday was a nightmare!) I feel like my day isn't complete.

But i'll keep back despite this all. You know i can't tell you how I feel. Or do you?? I'm loving the pase we're going at, I wouldn't change a thing.... If only you could sneak in a little more kisses.. That would be like heaven.


ALRIGHT, and now back to reality. I've got loads to do today. And i'll keep you in my mind, as always. Right now i just need to sort out my priorities, they're getting mixed up, sadly. Hang in there. I hope to see (a.k.a. KISS) You soon..

Oh, and the good old phrase "This is where I shut up!" comes in right here, and now the curtain falls. Bye, bye..

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