Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Great Lame Ideas

I bought a typewriter. It's blue with black buttons. It's in my room. It smells like history. It is perfect.

The past few days have been quite event-full. Friday I was drinking with some coworkers. Then Saturday morning i got my typewriter. And the evening was spent by drinking with my flat mates. Sunday i had to work, hangover, but alive. Sunday evening was the latvian poker night. Once poker was over we went to a pub. I was home at about three am. Monday, work again. Hangover again. Evening - went to play poker with the Scottish people. And i got the first place out of 20 players. Was an amazing feeling. Then we went to a pub. After that we took a taxi to friend's place. And then i started walking home. I sort of got lost, since i had no clue where i was. I ended up on a highway, i think. That night i had a LOT of beer. Was worth it though. Had a good night. As i was on my way, a cab driver stopped and asked me if i was lost and where i was heading. He gave me a lift home. For free. He said that his work day was over and he was heading home already. And he also said that he feels good for helping a nice person. I couldn't stop saying "thank you"s. Was home by three am, again. Tuesday - work. Gosh, drinking THAT much before a work day was not a smart idea. But i survived. Now i need sleep. But maybe i'll go to Starbucks later to write something.. :)

That's all you get for now folks. Take care my dear friends.

I'm happy!

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